Understanding What Does Beard Wax Do

What Does Beard Wax Do

Whenever you embrace your facial hair and grow it in a well-groomed manner, the impact is immense. 

Well, a beard is much more than a sign of masculinity, as it is a style statement today. Have you ever wondered what does beard wax do?

Yes, it is true; it leaves a positive impact on how others perceive a bearded gentleman. My fellow bearded friends, join me as I take you through the importance and functions of a beard wax.

Many scientific studies show how people perceive a bearded individual. There is always a positive change in an individual’s mindset whenever a bearded man enters.

Yes, gentlemen, believe it or not; many women also find bearded men hotter than a clean-shaved look. Studies have proven this statement, as well.

A well-groomed beard will always remain a classic look and make you stand out from the crowd. On the contrary; a shabby, worn-out, and untidy beard can have a lot of opposite reactions.

A Structured, trimmed, and well-defined beard is what you should aim for. What better way to achieve the best beard care regime and “up” your grooming game with the help of Beard Wax. Even if you rock a heavy beard or stubble bearded look, beard wax will always be your beard’s best friend.

It is clear that a wax will help you to boost your self-confidence. I certainly feel that way, and I am sure it will help you too. 

Make sure that you realize the importance of good quality wax. It will compel you to achieve a desirable bearded look.

Growing and maintaining a beard have been popular for many years, and it’s very trending today. The Beard Trend might change, but it won’t fade away anytime soon. 

This is why you can find many beard styling options across the internet. But beards need care too, and beard wax is one of the best styling agents you will find.

Men also have another common question

Beard Wax is not only an essential part of beard maintenance but also helps to keep it strong and protected. You can find many different products that are great for grooming, which includes waxes on the top of its list. They help to provide a perfect look to your beard. Following the theories around beard wax, the question arises “what does beard wax do?”

Figuring Out What Does Beard Wax Do. 

To get a great shape and a suitable style for your beard, beard wax is the best way to go. If we look up its ingredients, beard wax is a combination of natural products and essential oils. 

Once you are aware of the qualities and its ingredients, you will find the best one that will suit your beard.

Beeswax (also known as Cera Alba) is the main ingredient that is a natural wax produced by bees. Small quantities of gum rosin and Shea butter are the main ingredients of beard wax. Essential oils and oils like almond, cedarwood, etc. are also present in small quantities.

Once you get to know what does beard wax do, check for these qualities in a good beard wax.

A Strong Hold

Used for styling purposes, essentials oils help to give a pleasant scent. Like Beard oil or balm, beard wax has the same ingredients but in different ratios.

The best beard wax in the market will provide your beard a defining shape and a stronger hold. Thus, a good quality beard wax makes sure that for the entire day, your beard and the extra hair around it stays in place.

The Scent

Another important aspect of a wax is the scent. Beards can grow dense, long, and from every direction. The scent of any beard grooming product will also help you to figure out how to use the beard wax and oil. 

Different beard waxes have different aromas according to the quantity of added oils. Being a personal choice and sensitivity, you can also choose light scented waxes.

The Primary Aim 

We can say that the main aim of beard wax is to provide a nice and firm shape to your beard. Thus, a wax may not have huge nourishing effects on your facial hair. You can search for a beard wax or mustache wax according to your needs. You will find a huge range of products on the market.

Another question may arise whenever you buy a beard wax. Is Beard Wax Safe? 

Well it is, but only if used properly. You will have no problems once you get to know the properties of your beard wax.

The primary aim of beard wax is to act like a hairspray for your facial hair. Like hairsprays fix your hair, a strong hold beard wax will fix your beard or mustache in a position that you desire. 

Waxes do not make your facial hair smooth or moisturized. So always make sure that you only use it when you your beard is properly nourished and healthy.

Achieve the Perfect Style

Shea butter is another important ingredient that is present in different products. Beard waxes do not have large amounts of Shea butter, which holds your hair in position. This makes waxes perfect for long beards that require strongly fixed styles.Choose the best beard wax according to the ingredients suitable for your beard type and achieve the exact style for your beard. 

best beard wax

Beard Wax vs. Beard Balm

After discovering Beard wax, beard balms come to mind. It is like wax but has a much softer density. Now before we go into the details, you must know how to use the beard wax and oil.

A beard balm contains different types of oils that help to moisturize your beard. It also protects the skin underneath your beard from any kind of damage. Even if the ingredients are similar, both waxes and balms have different uses.

Beard balms help to develop a healthy beard that is soft. They may be further styled using a beard wax. So, if you want to transform your beard and keep it healthy, then you can go for both beard balm and wax. 

Please note that it is important not to start using beard wax if your beard has loose hair or is not taken care of. 

So, Use a Beard Wax if you want a permanent style. Use a Beard Balm if you want a soft and moisturized beard.

Importance of A Beard Wax

You might have realized by now the importance of good quality beard wax. This will then help you to know everything about what does beard wax do. 

Beard Wax is a great product and an essential for facial hair grooming. The most important thing to consider before you head out to the market is that your wax has all-natural ingredients.

Many waxes may contain petroleum jelly, paraffin, alcohol, and other harmful products. These low-quality waxes can cause irritation or allergies. Always recognize low-quality waxes, and don’t forget to choose all-natural waxes while shopping. Now that you have all the information that is necessary, go ahead and choose the best beard wax for yourself.

Product Reviews

Seven Potion Clay

The Seven Potion hair styling clay for men is high hold natural and organic clay with a unique blend of quality ingredients.

It is one of the best styling clay with a strong hold matte finishing. It is organic because it is free from any chemicals or parabens including silicon, artificial coloring and it is a complete vegan product.

Your beard will stay healthy and in shape all day with Seven Potions hair. It suits all types of beards and provides a flexible yet strong hold to style your beard just like you want.

Just take a small amount on your palm and rub it before gently applying it on your facial hair. It contains the best organic fragrances that come from essential oils like almond, sandalwood, avocado and many more.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of Seven Potions Styling Clay.


  • Water soluble styling clay
  • Natural and organic oils
  • Beeswax and Shea butter
  • Strong and flexible hold
  • Citrus fragrance
  • It is vegan and cruelty free


  • The smell has some mix reviews
  • The texture is hard and dry which makes it difficult to apply at times

Bossman MUDstache

The Bossman MUDstache is a high performance training wax with zero scents and tint. It is one of the best beard waxes for taming and styling your beard exactly like you wish.

It is a long lasting wax which is perfect for mustaches and beards. It will help to retain the shape of your beard for 24 hours.

It is totally water based, which makes it easy to apply and handle. The texture of the wax is also light and soft, which is why it reaches every corner of the skin underneath.

It has the perfect combination of all organic and all-natural ingredients. You will achieve a stylish and natural look for the entire day without readjusting.


  •  Lasts for a long time
  • Zero artificial fragrances
  • Soluble in water
  • All natural ingredients
  • Light texture
  • No added preservatives or chemicals 


  • Hold is not extra strong
  • White water droplets may emerge if the beard is exposed to moisture

Portobello Beard Wax

The Portobello softening beard wax is a natural and handmade wax originating from the UK. It is a great softening and styling wax for your beard. 

It works equally well on your mustache and makes the texture of your facial hair much smoother. Style any type of beard you want and protect your beard from any damage. 

It is also one of the most lightweight and easily spreadable waxes in the market. It works well on dry and irritated skin. It contains beeswax, essential oils and all natural ingredients.  


  • All Natural ingredients
  • Completely handmade
  • No additional scent
  • Great protection 
  • Styles and softens hair


  • Texture can be difficult to spread on the face at times

Beard Bolt XL 

The Beard Bolt XL is a caffeine induced beard wax. It is one of the best waxes for beard growth. It has a combination of different essential oils that enhances the quality of your facial hair. 

You will be able to style and protect your beard with the help of a single product. Your beard will feel powerful and there will be zero irritation. 

This dual function product will help to style and grow your beard just like you want. It is also one of the top brands which will condition and moisturize your beard as well.

This USA made product is the correct boost your beard needs to grow and shine. 


  • Unique natural ingredients
  • Caffeine infused
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Zero irritation
  • Leave-in conditioning formula


  • Scent may be overpowering
  • Can be expensive

Beard Care Kit for Men

The Beard Care Kit For Men is an all natural beard wax which is one of the best products with premium ingredients. It is a lightweight and conditioning wax with a combination of different essential oils that makes every style possible. 

This wax will soften your tangled beard and help you tame it. It will remove all types of beard-ruff which may cause irritation and protect your beard from any further damage. 

It has also the correct organic ingredients that will make your beard shiny and stylish. Simply wash your beard properly before applying. 

If you are a starter, then take a small amount and rub it on your palm before applying. It will style, condition, soften and moisturize your beard to achieve the perfect style.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Great essential oils
  • Zero beard-ruff
  • Protection from pollutants
  • Easy to style


  • Overpowering fragrance
  • No extra strong hold

Naked Prince Natural Beard Balm 

The Naked Prince is more than just a normal beard wax you use daily. It is an all natural beard balm which is fragrance free and has conditioning properties. It is the best wax to soften and manage your beard just like you want.

It is made for all types of beards and textures including dense or long beards. It is best for moisturizing your beard and keeping it hydrated. 

It contains Jojoba and argon oil which helps to stimulate hair growth. Shea butter and oils like olive oil helps to stop the itchiness or beard-ruff. It also contains beeswax, Vitamin E, ebony oil and ivory oil.

Your facial hair will feel smooth and softer than ever with a good hold. It is the best leave-in conditioner beard balm you will find in the market.


  • Moisturizes and conditions
  • Promotes hair growth
  • No irritation or itchiness 
  • No added fragrance
  • Leave-in conditioner formula


  • Extra greasy

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