Straight Razors vs Safety Razors


Every man loves a clean and perfect cut. A great shaving routine does require a good shaving option. If we look over time, you will notice that shaving has evolved a lot. 

Let’s start by comparing these two classic razor types. Straight Razors vs Safety Razors.

However, There are many different shaving options currently that you can choose from. People love the modern electric shavers or cartridge razors. But they can be inconsistent sometimes as we will discover down below.  

Two of the most popular and evergreen razor types are Straight and Safety Razors. These two have been timeless products and you can find them in every man’s grooming kit. Shaving is an art and these tools are the best pieces of equipment that you can have.

How Do They Compare?

If you try to think of any shaving tool, the first thing that comes to mind is a straight razor. The classic straight razor used by your barber has been going on for ages now. 

Have you ever wondered why this ancient tool is still famous? Even with the introduction of electric shavers and other technology?  

Well, there is another common household razor which everyone uses. This advanced shaving tool is The Safety razor. It is even divided into further different types. Both these razors use different types of blades

Before we start to compare or make you choose one of them, you must be aware of their usage. Operating both these razors need skills and patience. 

If not used in a correct manner, the sharpness of the blade may injure the skin. Before choosing any razor, make sure you use them well enough so that you don’t cut yourself. 

Nowadays, men tend to lean towards electric shavers and trimmers. The introduction of cartridge razors also helped to achieve a clean shave. 

As using an all-new cartridge razor reduces the chances of getting a cut. They are easier to operate as many of the cartridge razors have flexible heads that can move. 

The razor heads move according to the surface of your face. Electric shavers are also able to get the job done. They are efficient to use but they may lack the ability to give you that perfect shave. Electric shavers may leave your facial hair inconsistent at times. 

Coming back to the argument in hand, both safety and straight razors do work smoothly. They might be a little difficult to operate but provide much better finishing. Both razors work perfectly when you follow the concept of wet shaving. 

You can also find detailed information and comparisons of these two razors on Safety Razor Vs Straight Razor Reddit.

Wet Shaving 

A simple technique, wet shaving is a process which requires the use of water and shaving foam. There is a traditional and modern way to achieve wet shaving. 

To start with the non- traditional or modern way, men use a shaving gel. Using electric shavers in the shower is also an example of the non-traditional way of wet shaving. 

Then there is the traditional way of shaving. This way of shaving involves different processes. The tools involved traditionally are a shaving brush and shaving creams. 

Before the start, there is a proper pre-shaving routine that you must follow. In the end, after you rinse, a nice aftershave will help you to complete the traditional way of shaving. 

This is the best quality shaving process and your skin will be so proud of you. 

The traditional way is more than a hobby for beard enthusiasts. It helps you to recognize the importance of a good and hygienic shave using quality products. 

Thus, traditional shaving is the way to go. You will need a bit of learning and investment at the start, but the shaving quality will leave you more than happy. 

Straight Razors

Straight Razors vs Safety Razors

The traditional razor among the two, straight razors has been around for quite some time now. We can bet that almost everyone will be familiar with a straight razor. 

You must have seen them in movies and believe it or not, they are still used by almost every barber. As the name suggests, a straight razor is a long metallic blade attached to handle. 

Before safety razors came around in the 1900s, everyone used a straight razor. It requires a little practice and might seem like a professional tool. If you perfect this skill, a straight razor will provide you with the best shaving experience. 

A straight razor looks like a knife and is also sharp like one. Many people used to call them “cut throat” razors. But since the invention of safety razors, these cut throat razors started to fade out. 

But because of their precision, the old-school straight razor can never go out of trend. The handle of a straight razor is generally made from leather. The Straight Razor shaving will provide a perfect shave but may also cut your skin deep. So always make sure that you have a bit of experience. 

Also, do not expect to master this skill at once. It is not a skill that you will learn within hours. Back in the days, only barbers used them. Now that the safety razors are coming back in trend, men like to shave at home. 

Straight Razors vs Safety Razors Vs Shavettes

Shavettes are just like straight razors but with a twist. They are also similar in shape and size. THe difference is that shavettes have disposable blades in them. 

This means that you will no longer need a strop to sharpen a single blade all the time. You can use disposable blades and change them after every shave. 

So, always make sure that you follow the proper technique. Enjoy a beautiful close shave using a straight razor. Straight razor shaving will be one of the best shaving experiences of your life. 

Here are some Pros and Cons of a straight razor. 


The best feature of having a straight razor is the beautiful design and the strong exterior of the tool. You can achieve a quick shave if you are aware of the correct technique. More than 3 inches of a long and single blade looks and feels amazing. 

A straight razor requires zero maintenance. The single blade needs no changing or washing. All you must do is re-sharpen it after 10 to 12 months of usage. The exterior also stays the same and never causes any problems. 

The long blade along the exterior is long enough to cover the most amount of area on your face. You can also clean it by simply ejecting the blade out anytime you like without any problems. 

Straight razors have different handles as well. You can choose from various designs and patterns according to your preferences. If we talk of durability, straight razors hardly break. They can last for years with the help of a little maintenance. 

The steep curve in a straight razor is the reason why it provides a perfect shaving experience. 


Shaving with a straight razor may sound fascinating but it requires a lot of practice. To achieve that perfect shape, you will need to perfect your technique. To achieve that, you will need to work on it every time you shave. 

You will also need an expert to help or learn a few skills from a friend. It can be dangerous for men starting as they have a higher chance of getting nicks and cuts. 

You also must take care of a straight razor and its maintenance. It only has a single blade so if by mistake you damage it or drop it; the entire damaged unit will need replacing. So, extra care is always necessary. 

Another problem you can face is around the time of re-sharpening. As we mentioned, the blade gets dull after 6 to 10 months. You can sharpen the blade at home if you have the right sharpening tools and equipment. 

A razor strop is a long panel which comes into play when you need to sharpen straight razors. You can buy it for yourself and sharpen it at home. Otherwise, you will need to get it done from the market. 

Straight razors use stainless steel on the top, but they do need to be dry after each use. If you do not use it for a long time, straight razors need a rub of oil at frequent intervals. 

Safety Razor

safety razor

The advanced safety razor is the perfect tool for the busy man of the 20th century. Safety razors are much safer than straight razors but are sharp enough to leave a cut. They are easier to use, but they might not be safe if you do not correctly use them. 

A safety razor has a long straight pencil-like base and head. The head of the razor has blades which are present in an enclosure. There are different types of safety razors and the first one ever had a metallic cover. The common safety razor has a blade on its head covered with a protective guard. 

Men achieve a quality shave using a safety razor without any problems. It is easy to use and requires less practice. They are perfect for young shavers and many regular shavers also prefer them. 

As they are much easier and efficient to use, the chances of getting a cut are none. The design of a safety razor is the reason for its efficiency. Within half the time, you will achieve a clean and close shave.   

The head of a safety razor has unique protective lines or bars. A light coat is present with an even lighter material. This makes sure that the blades do not cut your skin even when you rush through your shave. According to the different structures, a safety razor can have different types. 

Double Edge Safety Razors

These are the popular ones. With two different edges, you can use them both for a better shave. Special double-edged blades come with them, attached on the head. 

According to different designs, there are different types of double edge razors. Every single design has different features and advantages. 

Each of them provides a great shaving experience and comfort. Here is a list of the different types: 

  • Two-Piece 
  • Three Piece 
  • Butterfly 
  • Adjustable 

There are different types of heads as well: 

  • Slant Head 
  • Comb Head 
  • Closed Comb Head 

Single Edge Safety Razor

Single-edged razors are the traditional razors with a single exposed edge. They are much simpler than double-edged razors. There is a single blade at the head of the razor. 

To end it all, there are many different types that you can choose from according to your preference. As mentioned above, double-edged razors are the superior variety. 

The single-edged types are much traditional and cheaper to buy. Let us discuss some pros and cons of the general safety razor. 


The biggest advantage of a safety razor is its efficiency and safety. You can use it anytime and anyway you like without worrying about a cut. Safety razors are a safe way to get a close shave. 

Unlike straight razors, you can change the blades any time you like. Whenever you feel like your razor is not performing well or getting dull, all you must do is change the blades. 

Every single type of safety razor has its own unique blades. So, all you need to do is find the appropriate blades and your razor will be new as ever. 

Straight razors are much traditional and a little expensive. Safety razors are much common nowadays and cheaper. There are many “use and throw” types of safety razors as well. Single-use razors are also popular among younger generations. 

A double-edged razor can last for more than a week according to its usage. So even if you shave regularly, a safety razor can work for a week. After a week, all you have to do is change the blades and you’ll be ready for the next week.


We all have to agree that the safety razor will be unable to add anything to your style statement. But a straight razor would help in that case. A safety razor won’t be a stylish addition to your grooming kit. 

Another point is that a safety razor is somewhat a better version of a disposable razor. Yet, double-edged razors are becoming much fancier nowadays. 

Its long term cost can be a bit expensive if you include the blades. The cost of different types of safety razors may vary and as for now, they can be expensive. 

For men looking for a little hardcore and raw shaving experience, safety razors are not for them. Blades can be cheap but they need regular or weekly replacing. If you shave often, you might need to change them weekly. 

Safety razors can also take a lot of time to complete the process if you have a dense beard. A straight razor will last for a lifetime and a safety razor will need regular changing of blades.  

Straight Razors vs Safety Razors Vs Cartridge Razors

A Cartridge razor is simple razor with a head and handle. The only difference is that its head has 5 identical blades. These blades are placed horizontally within a protective cover. This cover helps you achieve a smooth shave. 

When comparing with safety razors, they are much cheaper and simpler to use. However, both safety and cartridge razors are perfect tools for a quick shave.

Comparisons : Straight Razors Vs Safety Razors

Now that you are aware of both types, the question of comparison arises. To choose among the two completely depends on your choice or preference. One thing that needs noticing is that for a great shave, you will need to follow the process of wet shaving. 

As mentioned above, both these razors are capable of providing the perfect shave. So, what will you do if you have to compare and choose among the two?  

We mentioned the wet shaving process above because both these razors involve it. Before choosing or comparing any two razors, you must be able to perform wet shaving in the right way. Here are a few ground-level topics that can help you compare the two. 


If we talk about the price, a safety razor is much cheaper than a straight razor. Straight razors can be expensive but there are no extra costs involved. Whereas, a safety razor is inexpensive but the regular changing of blades can cost you a little extra. 

Thus, a safety razor might be cheap but the expenses are more in the shape of blades. A straight razor is expensive, but it is a one-time investment. So do choose with wisdom.


Both of these razors need time to perfect your developed skills. So till the time you are on point, both of these razors will take up your time when you shave. In general, always make sure that you are never in a rush to shave. Always take your time and cover every corner. 

If you have enough skills, then we can conclude that a straight razor will take much less time. Straight razors cover a larger area at once. Safety razors take it slow and move according to the lengths of your face. You can choose according to your skills and the time you have while shaving.


Both these razors need maintenance and care. For the perfect shaving experience, you will need a proper kit for your razor to store.  

For a Safety Razor, you will need different maintenance techniques. Always check the cleanliness and keep a regular check for blade replacements. If you do not keep your blades clean then they might get dull sooner than expected. 

Also, make sure that they are not left soaked in water to avoid any problems. Try to use a toothbrush or small-sized brush to clean your safety razor. 

To maintain a Straight Razor, you will need a lot of attention to detail. Make sure that you keep it away from water as there are chances of rusting. Then you will need to protect the surface using oil for extra protection. You also need to sharpen your straight razor using a strop. Do that every 6 to 8 months so that there are no problems. 

Thus, a straight razor is much more difficult to maintain. If you are a busy man and need a quick shave regularly, then go for a safety razor. If you are passionate about shaving and love the art of shaving, then do maintain a straight razor. 


Well, it is very clear that the straight razor wins the race if we talk about style. The straight razor is one of the coolest tools your grooming kit can ever have. The traditional straight razor has been present for centuries. 

The finesse and the style statement that a straight razor has in your house is incomparable. So, if you are looking for a more stylish option, a straight razor is the way to go. 


The straight razor has the highest learning curve when compared to other razors. As you have learned above, the simple cartridge razor has the least curve. The double edge safety razor has a medium-sized curve which can cover a small part of your face. Not as much as the straight razor though. 


As mentioned in the above topic, the risk of cuts increases while using a straight razor. If you are a master at using straight razors, then there will be no problem at all. But if you low or intermediate skills, then the risks can increase. 

A safety razor also has some risks of cuts as the blades on the head are exposed. A protective layer is present on each safety razor. They reduce different types of risks when compared to straight razors. 

Which one to Choose

One thing that you might have realized by now is that there is a perfect type of razor for anyone in particular. People choose according to different requirements and preferences. You will need to go through various queries to decide which one you will choose. Here are some final thoughts that can help you choose the one suitable for you.  

Safety Razors 

Choose a safety razor if you want to spend the least amount of time on your shaving routine. It has a little curve so the chances of risks are close to zero. It will be super easy to change blades or cartridges of a safety razor because of no curve. 

The quality of the shave is good but not as clean when compared to a straight razor. This doesn’t mean that the shave will be poor. Safety razors guarantee high quality and enjoyable shave.  

People choose this razor because it is easy to handle. For the busy man of today, the safety razor the fastest way for a perfect shave.  

Straight Razors

If shaving means more than trimming your beard, then choose a straight razor. They are stylish and the feeling you will get using a straight razor is incomparable. It does involve skills but this traditional tool is worth it. If you do feel daring, then you should hone your skills with a straight razor. 

At the end of the day, it’s recommended that choose according to your comfort level. If you are a starter then a safety razor is the way to go. Start with a safety razor and then come up to use the straight razor. 

If you are a busy man with a lot on your mind, then use a safety razor. If you have time to invest and wish to embrace yourself, then go for a straight razor. It is as simple as that.

The Shaving Essentials  

Now before you choose one of the above tools, you must have all the tools in your artillery. Pre-Shaving oils, Blades, Brushes, Shaving Soaps, Creams, Gels and Aftershave products. Prepare your materials before starting in the correct order according to their usage. 

Wash your face before using pre-shaving oils to get rid of the dead skin to open your pores. Create a heavy lather or foam of shaving cream and always find the right angle to shave using these two razors. 

Run over your face completely and in a careful manner before clearing all the loose ends. Be sure that you have all of these essentials before your start shaving using Straight or Safety Razors.

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