Is it Better to Shave Before or After Shower?

Shaving Before or After Shower

Preparing to shave? Looking for a comfortable place to shave after you are ready with your tools? Well, shaving is a skill on its own, and there are several ways to achieve it. Get your tools in place and find the best mirror in your house. You have two different options that are shaving before or after a shower.

But before you shave, this question may emerge.

Should I shave in before or after my shower?

Well, this can be confusing at times. If you ask different men, many will suggest that you do it before showering. This will help to clean your face even better.

Some people will suggest you do it after you shower so that your face is clear from the dust and dead skin. This helps to open up the pores and provides a great shave.

Well, you do not need to worry. This article will help you to decode all the theories related to this question. I do not suggest any particular pattern when you shave as it all comes down to personal preferences.

If you look at it in a certain way, shaving is all about choosing the right blade for your face. So, now must be wondering whether to shave before or after a shower. Many people may wonder, is it better to shave before or after you shower?

Let’s try to solve this confusion and go through a few important points. To start, all you have to do is choose the best blade for yourself. I’ll help you and discuss these two different scenarios in detail.

Shaving before Shower

shaving after a cold shower

Let us discover a little more about dry shaving or shaving before you hit the shower. Many people prefer to choose the wet shaving method when they are a bit short on time. 

I use an electric shaver whenever I need to achieve a dry shave. If you are shaving off your beard without showering, then the process of dry shaving will be the best option.

Electric shavers are the best tools when you want a quick dry shave. They are convenient and do not need a lot of time. 

If you are late for work or have meetings to attend, then shaving before you hit the shower is suitable. It will not be the perfect shave, which I always recommend. 

But if you are unable to take out a little extra time, then take your electric shaver and carry it on. But always be sure that you use to like its meant to be.

Electric shavers are not that bad of a tool. Many of us do have them as a secondary option. There are two different types of shavers, rotary and foil head.

One thing that you should always keep in mind before you start shaving with an electric shaver is safety. It is safe to use only when you have a nice and proper aftershave. 

Always use a good quality aftershave lotion when using an electric shaver. As electric shavers are a part of dry shaving, you need no other shaving products. 

So at the end, always keep a good quality aftershave lotion or balm with you. Apply it in a gentle way all over your shaved region of the face to get that clean and perfect cut.

The method of traditional shaving also comes to mind when you think of shaving before a shower. Traditional shaving is the best when you go for the wet shaving procedure. 

As the name suggests, wet shaving is when your beard or mustache rinses with water. This does not mean that you need to shower or be in the shower to shave.

You can use a wet towel to achieve wet shaving using traditional shaving tools. Thus, this method is perfect for carrying out if you use a straight or cartridge razor. I also recommend that you soak your beard in water completely before shaving. 

Thus, it is not compulsory that you need to jump in the shower if you need to shave using traditional tools. One more question is that you might be thinking now, should I wash my hair before shaving it?

Yes, it is important to wash your hair before shaving if you are not showering. Washing your hair clears out all the dust and dead skin. During the day many types of general pollutants can deposit on your face. 

These pollutants can enter the skin on your face even if you take good care of your skin. Thus, always wash your hair before shaving to complete a clean and perfect shave.

All you need to do is that you wet your beard or completely soak it in water if it is heavy in nature. I use a wet towel so that I do not pull out the shaft of my hair follicle. Also, make sure that you do not pull out your hair too much. 

It can cause a lot of irritation if you have sensitive skin as I do. This can ruin your morning shave, and it will bug you for the entire day.

To sum it all up, always make sure that you use an electric shaver if you wish to shave before you shower. A beard trimmer can also work fine. If you ask me, I will recommend an electric shaver that has a rotary head. 

These modern-day electric shavers have fine blades. These blades are precise and put together in the right place so that they do not even touch your skin. 

They work in symmetry and are perfect tools to help you shave before showering.

Is It Better To Shave Pubic Hair Wet Or Dry? 

Another confusion that many people have. Cutting pubic hair can be tricky. Coming straight to the point, i must say that pubic hair can be trimmed both ways. Firstly, the most important step is to choose your tool. 

If you want to shave it then use a razor with a mild blade. If you are looking to trim them then use an electric shaver. 

Always be extra care when trimming your pubic hair. As a single mishandling mistake can result in a painful cut or nick. 

Now if you wish to cut or trim them, then always use a shaver. Follow the process of dry shaving like i mentioned above. This is easier to manage and you can easily trim them without water. 

On the other hand, if you wish to shave your pubic hair then you will need a razor blade that is not very sharp. Then soak your pubic hair in warm water before shaving. 

This will make them softer and it will be easy to shave them off. You can also use a good quality shaving cream to reduce the chances of any irritation afterwards. 

The Wet Towel Method

Whenever you wish to complete a dry shaving routine, make sure that you use an electric razor. Using a wet towel is another option that every expert will recommend.

The hot towel method is a perfect alternative to a complete shower. So, using a hot and wet towel will help you to complete your shaving routine before you go for a bath. 

A wet towel will moisturize your skin, and your beard will be ready for grooming.

I also use a towel soaked in hot water as it helps to clean my beard. Hot water is comfortable for your skin, and it will also help to clear out all types of dirt from your face.

With the help of this hot towel method, you’ll also have a quick shave. It will be the best option when you are in a hurry and are looking for a quick shower. It is perfect when you are late for work and are unable to take out the time for a complete shower.

You can use the hot towel procedure and complete your shave. Make sure that you always use the traditional shaving tools. The above mentioned dry shaving methods are perfect for getting a clean cut.

You will love to enter your bathroom and start your day with the perfect cut using the correct procedure.

I hope this process will help clear some doubts related to the question, Is it better to shave before or after you shower? Let’s discuss the next process that will help you to clear out all the questions that may arise related to this topic.

should i shave before or after shower reddit

Shaving after Shower

Many of us believe that the best way to shave is when you shave after a shower. It can be true as if you wish to prepare your skin for a great shave, you will need a hot shower. 

A hot shower is a perfect way to create a dirt-free skin for the perfect shave. Even if you ask some experts, they will suggest that you shave after a shower. Let us dive into the details and see whether this statement is true or not.

Everyone knows that showering daily is nothing but a process of cleaning yourself. So when you decide that you need a shave, make sure that you give your face a little more important than usual. A shower will help you to prepare your skin and the beard above it.

Get rid of all the different pollutants that can cause a difficult shave. Now that you have showered, you will think if it matters or not. Many people have a misconception around the relation of showering and shaving.

People think that a shower is necessary after shaving. Many believe that all you need is an aftershave lotion. Different people also think that you need to hit the shower before you shave to get a cleaner experience. 

Let us lay out some ground rules and an overview of shaving after showering.

Whenever you take a straight or safety razor and shave, you not only remove the extra hair on the top. You also clear out hair follicles and remove all the dead skin. This process has a name-exfoliation.

The process of exfoliation is the removal of dead skin from the surface. There are many different pores on your skin that act like little openings. These openings can store dead skin and dirt in them, which is harmful. Thus, shaving will clear your skin and help to complete exfoliation of the skin.

Thus, your pores will open after shaving and will leave it prone to dust or bacteria. Whenever you dip your beard in water, you will realize that it becomes softer. It swells up when in contact with water, and that’s why it becomes a lot softer.

These over swollen beards or mustaches then become much easier to shave. So, you can use any shaving tool when you consider showering before shaving. A clean-cut will be a lot easier and very close to perfect.

Showering before you shave also helps to cut down the extra effort. I love to shower before I shave because my beard gets much smoother. There is no need for extra shaving cream or gel when you shave after getting out of the shower.

It also prevents the chances of getting a nick or taking out hair from its roots by mistake. Even if you apply extra pressure, the hair can displace from their roots, causing a lot of irritation.

Thus, shaving after a shower will help you to have a comfortable shave without any chances of irritation and any other problem.

You must have realized by now that shaving after-shower will be the perfect start to your day. But, choosing the right tools and the right way of shaving is a must.

Invest your time in shaving according to your preferences. Gift yourself with a clean and perfect shaving experience.

Is It Better To Wash Your Face Before Or After Shaving?

This is another important question. If you are shaving after your shower, then there is no need to wash your face. But if you are dry shaving then it is very important to wash your face before you shave. 

When you wash your face, your beard is hydrated. Your facial hair swells up because of the water. This results in a smoother shaving experience. You will have a cleaner cut without any additional effort. 

This means that you will be able to complete a comfortable shave. So to answer the question, it is always better to wash your face properly before you shave.

This will also clear up all the dust and dead skin from your face. The pores on your skin will open and you will have a great shaving experience.

shaving after a cold shower

Shaving in the Shower

Yes, this alternative method is another way to complete your daily shaving regime. You can shave while you shower my bearded brothers.

When you read the above options, the most common question will come to mind. Is it better to shave before or after shower? Now that you will read about these two options, let’s discuss the third alternative. 

But is it a superior technique? Are there electric shavers that are usable in the shower? Can showering and shaving together save my time? Many questions may arise according to various situations. Read on as I am here to discuss all the scenarios with you.

This method may be time saving and efficient for many bearded men only if their electric shavers are waterproof. Many shavers can handle a wet environment. But if you are looking for a traditional shave in the shower, it can get a little tricky.

If we talk about a straight razor, using it in a shower can be tricky. There are always chances of getting a nick. If you are not experienced enough, a straight razor can give you a nick even when you are not in a shower.

So if you think about using it while taking a shower, I can assure you that it can be very dangerous.

Safety razors, or the modern cartridge razor, is the best option. They are safe to use in the shower, and you won’t cut yourself while shaving. You may achieve a quick clean cut while in the shower, using a safety razor.

In general, using traditional shaving tools in the shower is a little complicated. You are prone to fumble in the shower, which can cause damage to your skin while shaving. A proper safety razor with a covered blade will make it easier to shave while showering.

Always use comfortable shaving cream and apply it on a regular basis while shaving. Don’t forget to use a shaving brush when shaving in the shower.

Showering and shaving together is a good way to save time. But, a single mistake can cause a mishap even if you use a safety razor. Only if it is necessary, I recommend you shave in the shower using a safety razor.

The Tools of the trade

mens accessories

To achieve the perfect shave, always consider the right time and the right tools. Every shaving tool will matter only if you use it in the right way. Ensure that you rely only on the best products. Also, be aware of the top quality products. Hit the markets or visit different shopping portals with all the information.

Also, make sure that you always check the performance of your products. If you want a wet shave or a dry shave, the quality of your tools matters the most. They will be proportional to the comfort level that you wish to achieve while shaving.

Shaving Creams and Pre-Shaving Oils

As I mentioned above, good quality shaving creams and oils make a huge difference. Always seek for a premium comfort level before choosing any shaving alternatives.

Shaving creams play an important role when you shave. Even in the shower, shaving cream is the perfect option. 

The lubrication of a shaving cream ensures a comfortable shaving experience. Always follow a good technique. Use quality shaving cream to avoid any skin problems or irritations in the future.

Pre-shave oils are also very common among men who shave after showering. They act as a lubricant and even dry your face off after you shower. They are a mixture of different types of oils, and they have essential oils in them as well.

Shaving soaps are other options that are great while shaving in the shower. They are available in different grades and varieties. They provide much more lubrication and are perfect for men who use a straight razor. This means that shaving soaps are also perfect if you wish to shave before you shower.

Follow a pre-shaving routine and using different oils before shaving. Their main advantage is that they make your skin durable. 

Regular shaving can make your skin dull, which can increase the chances of dryness and tear of the skin. Use a pre-shaving oil as it will help you to get a cleaner cut, and it may decrease the chances of any harmful side effects.

Shaving Brushes

Many of you must be aware of the different varieties of shaving brushes. Brushes are necessary because they lift all the hair on your beard. They make it easier for your shaving cream to reach all the corners. 

When using shaving creams, a brush will help to distribute it across your face. You will have an even and proportional spread of cream across your face.

Shaving brushes are also important to clear up your skin. All types of pollutants that you can generally find in your skin go away when you use a shaving brush. 

They help to clear out the dead skin and germs from the pores on your skin. So always use a shaving brush to spread out the shaving cream before your razor touches the skin.

Shaving Blades

Another important tool of the trade, shaving blades. Every bearded man knows the importance of a shaving blade. Always make sure that you get a high-quality one to start with. Not changing the blades of your razors on time can cause different problems to the skin on your face.

For cartridge razors, be sure to change them from time to time. There are different blades for different varieties. Choose the perfect one for your preferred shaving equipment. Do not hesitate to follow and keep up an in-depth analysis of your blades.

For example, a simple safety razors need a change of blade within a week. Only if you use it often. 

If we talk about a straight razor, it needs no regular changing of blades. All it needs is a strope, which helps to restore its old shine back. A straight razor needs no change of blade for 6 to 10 months according to its usage. Always be aware and change the blades as soon as it starts to feel dull.

Thus, choosing the perfect tool for yourself is good 


Last but not least is the after shaving lotion. Aftershaves are pure lotions with a musky smell, and they also act like antiseptics. They may also come in the shape of balms and are very necessary.

Aftershaves help to tone your skin and keep it hydrated after a shave. It is an essential post-shave routine that must need mentioning. Always follow it to make sure you do not mess up anything. It also helps to cure dryness. If you get any nicks or cuts, you may apply aftershave. They also help to heal wounds caused by blades.


Many men find different times and tools to shave that they prefer. Many feel that showering before a shower is the best way to follow. It is a comfortable and efficient choice. Ask the experts, and they will agree to it. Yet, many people find better results according to their preferences.

Preparing all the tools and choosing your blade is a must. Yes, it does matter if you are shaving before or after shower. Many tools will help you to shave efficiently before or after a shower.

So always have the right tools. Follow the right ways that will suit you best and achieve the perfect shaving experience.

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