A Complete Guide To male Grooming In 2020

Male Grooming

Male Grooming is more than just a routine you follow. Taking care and treating yourself by following an exquisite lifestyle is an art.

Grooming is a morning routine to look after yourself and radiate positive vibes. Typical Grooming includes essentials not only for the skin or hair.

It is the overall maintenance of the body and soul. Many men like to groom for hours using excellent products they spend a fortune on. Some want it to be fast and straightforward.

This article will present easy men’s grooming details and habits. Each one of them will be effective and adaptive for every man out there.

Grooming For Men

History has shown that men’s Grooming a decade ago included a single bar of soap and shampoo.

It is not the same now as you will find several personal care routines and loads of self-care products specially designed for men.

From hair-boosting tonics to skin care creams, the list of new grooming products keeps growing annually.

However, the important part is to know which products to use and what routine to follow. 

This article is a complete guide which has been organized and includes research-based information regarding male grooming tips.

It is a definitive handbook that will help you to understand grooming each part of your body in detail.

This article will help you to figure out men’s body grooming by taking you through the processes of choosing the best products.

The Evolution Of Male Grooming

Male Grooming has evolved a lot as men are much more open and concerned about grooming nowadays.

Grooming is not only meant for women or gays now because the stigma of showing off masculinity by maintaining a shabby or dingy look is long gone. 

Everyone loves a well-groomed and men do not shy away from getting pedicures or applying makeup nowadays.

From plucking eyebrows to using foundation and other cosmetics, men have a variety of options to groom themselves the way they want to. Just like working out and going to the gym, men lean towards beauty products because you can now find every beauty product specially designed for men.

Reports say that the global revenue of male grooming products will reach more than 80 billion dollars around the year 2023.  

With the proper information about male Grooming, you will be able to embrace it in all forms. Social media has been one of the most significant factors that have shown considerable spikes in the popularity of male Grooming and its products.

From celebrities supporting men grooming to social media influencers’ selling grooming products, men have become much more aware. 

The change in male Grooming has affected every generation of men and created trends.

From high-class brands like Chanel to regular grooming brands like Manscaped, men are a part of a global community. Men can learn techniques and follow the latest grooming ideas or trends. 

This article will surely help you to improve your male grooming kit. There are many new aged bathroom practices and products you can learn about in this article; including lip balms, men’s skincare products, facial products, eyebrow grooming, and much more.

The old school myth about a masculine man that he only needs a bar of soap and shampoo in the bathroom is long gone.

The alpha male of today is a well-groomed person who follows the best grooming practices and looks sharp with the help of quality products. You should look fresh and feel smooth with an overall golden tan after you are done Grooming.

The male grooming ideas and practices in this article will focus precisely on making you feel more seamless than ever.

A Complete Guide to Male Grooming

Male Grooming

To understand and work on a complete guide to men’s care, you will need to follow everything you learn about grooming. No one is perfect, and everyone has little details that need attention and care on your body.

Consider your body as a sacred place, and take care of it like religion. 

Every man sweats profusely as compared to women. Men are also extra hairy; that is why their odor can be much stronger as compared to women. Many men usually ignore simple grooming things that are very important.

If taken care off on a daily routine, men’s grooming is much simpler than it looks.

Your Bathroom Space

Male Grooming

Men’s grooming starts in the bathroom space, and it makes you feel good. Before beginning any grooming, a man must look after his personal bathroom space.

Your bathroom is the place that you will get ready in and admire yourself when it is all done. Thus, it is the place that will carry out the first and last grooming activities. 

That is why you must have a hygienic and properly maintained bathroom space. This will help you to focus on grooming practices in a much better way because your area will be fresh and full will positive vibes.

This does not mean that you start to decorate your bathroom area. The decoration will be done, but only of your body and overall confidence.

It is vital that your grooming kit and other essential tools must be placed correctly in your bathroom space. Every grooming tool must be available and functionally in your bathroom. It will make your grooming process comfortable and optimum.

After the location of your grooming processes is decided and ready, you will need to make sure that you have every essential tool that a man requires while grooming.

Your bathroom must have a grooming kit, and the package must include grooming tools for your whole body.

From razors, trimmers to floor mats, update your kit with the latest essentials. 

Importance Of A Good Scent

Male Grooming

A pleasant scent is essential after you shower or shave as it complements your overall grooming process.

Another critical thing to keep in mind is to choose the best two or three scents rather than owning dozens. 

Mix a couple of classic scents and blend them so that you can use them alternatively. Try to invest in different scents according to different seasons or weather.

For example, you can go for spicy or woody scents in winters and citrus scents in summers.  

Expensive and popular brands don’t have a better fragrance. There are many different types of perfumes according to the different concentrations of ingredients in them.

Colognes smell good but are not long-lasting whereas Eau de toilette and Eau de parfum lasts much longer. 

Chest Grooming

Managing your chest hair is essential as many men start their grooming regime with the chest region. Many like to maintain a little chest hair while some like to clear them all away.

Many men still like to relive the 70s and 80s trends by keeping a hairy chest. Even if you want to keep it fuzzy, maintaining it timely is always necessary. Keeping your chest subtle and smooth does not depend upon the length or amount of chest hair.

A hairy chest can be smooth only if you groom it appropriately. Otherwise, it will feel furry and irritating. Chest hair removal for men must be accomplished with a trimmer.

A trimmer will help to cut down your hair short without ripping them from the roots. If you use a razor, then each hair will come out from its roots, which may irritate. There will be rash or redness if you rip out your chest hair from the roots using a shaver or trimmer.

Give your chest hair a regular trim. Start from the bottom and work your way up. If you like, you can try to create a fade.

Your chest hair can be a little longer as compared to the hair on your stomach or the lower chest region.   

Neck Grooming

The neck region is also vital for men who have dense and long beards. Beards can grow unevenly and all over your face. It is essential always to look sharp, and to look sharp; you need to concentrate on grooming your neck region.

You need to maintain every side of your neck if you are rocking a beard. The neck is delicate, and you need to use a good quality trimmer to avoid any cuts.

If you are cleanly shaven, then shaving your neck properly becomes much more important. If you shave regularly, you will always notice a few leftover strands of hair.

You often miss these weird-looking strands as many of them are too small, and you might miss them while shaving.

Another important region that requires grooming is the backside of your neck.  No one can see the backside, and the growth of hair may become uncontrollable. Fortunately, the growth on the backside is slower and gradual.

Also, don’t forget to cover every inch on the backside of your neck. Get it appropriately groomed whenever you visit your barber.


Male Grooming

Grooming your man parts is essential, and many men just call it manscaping. It is imperative to take care of your crotch because they will start to look bad and smell bad if not groomed.

Even if you shower more than once a day if you do not groom your groin region, it will start to displease you.

Grooming will remove any funky odor around your crotch, and off course, you will need it for sexual reasons.

As soon as you hit manhood, you realize that you should not only manscape for sexual reasons. Grooming your crotch region is all about personal hygiene, and an excellent regular shave is necessary.

Thus, below the belt grooming is important to keep the region healthy and to smell good.

Body hair removal can be achieved by various methods according to your preferences.  Firstly, you can shave using a razor, which can irritate. As I mentioned above, shaving it will rip your hair from the roots.

You can wax off your pubes or use laser removal, which everyone knows is very painful and expensive. It is a permanent or long-lasting way, which will give you a smoother look and remove all the unwanted curly hair. 

Do remember that opting for permanent hair removal might sound fantastic, but the natural growth will be lost forever. This is why many men prefer to keep their growth natural exactly like their bodies intend to be by just trimming the hair around the crotch region.

Cleaning up your crevices is also very important. Hair growth around the crevices does not make the region around it unhygienic, but the region around your crack can develop bacterial infections if not appropriately groomed.

Thus, cleaning and grooming your crevices correctly will remove the stinky smells.

For your man parts and crevices, you can use an anti-chafing deodorant after your shaving routine. Manscaping can be achieved after your regular shaving routine.

Using a deodorant or antiperspirant cream on your crotch and balls will make the entire region down below much cleaner. It will protect the entire region from any bacteria or skin infection. 

Make sure that the products you use are made using a residue-free formula and do not contain any additional oils that can make this region sticky.

You can also use a gel-like deodorant that will quickly absorb into the skin and protect your privates from all types of harm. 


An excellent haircut with sideburns on point is a powerful statement and a huge confidence booster for you.

It leaves a positive impression wherever you go because it is just as important as fancy clothes or shoes. Haircuts require a lot of maintenance and help you stay organized.

To maintain a proper hairstyle, you need a professional barber’s contact on your phone at all times. 

Importance of a Professional Barber

Male Grooming

One of the essential habits to stay well-groomed is to visit your barber regularly. Your barber holds massive responsibility for your facial grooming.

A good cut and a nice trim is an enormous boost to your confidence. The grooming of your beard, neck, and entire face depends upon your barber.

Stay calm and try to make up your mind before you sit on your barber’s chair.

Your barber will notice if you need a trim or a change of style immediately. Even if you are growing out your hair, your locks will need attention weekly.

You must also ask for suggestions about hair products that might suit you from your barber.


Washing might look like a simple process because most of you think that washing down your head all at once is the only thing you need to complete.

It will wash down your hair quickly, but the hair products that you apply will stay down in the roots of your hair for a much longer time than required. 

When you use shampoo daily, your hair loses natural oils. Always wash your hair on alternate days with shampoo.

You can also use shampoo bars to wash your hair as they are a much more eco-friendly option. 

Best Hair Products For Male Grooming

You might think that any product will work on your hair because they are all the same. It does not mean that a hair product that suits your friend or brother will suit you as well. Do proper research and discover your hair type.

Use pomades, waxes, or balms only if you have thick or stiff hair. If you have a thin hair type, then use natural products with lighter ingredients. 

Make sure that you read the instructions and ingredients on the packaging of your hair product before usage.

You can even try different hair products before you find the right one for yourself because there will be some trial-and-error when you start initially.   

Styling Your Hair

Styling your hair might not be necessary for some as many of us do not go through the hassle of asking or consulting a stylist. Anyhow, you can be your own stylist once you have the right product according to your hair type.

There are lots of options in the market that are styling agents, including waxes, pomades, clays, gels, and many others.

Before you start styling your hair at home, make sure that you take a small amount on your palm. Start by working your fingers in your hair forwards from the backside.

This helps you to figure out the exact amount of hair product you need to style your hair.

Now that you have styled your hair, you can use a hairdryer to give the style you choose a proper finishing.

Try not to use any hair product on wet hair. Make sure your hair is not too wet and not too dry. Warm up the hair gel or wax in your palm by rubbing it for a few seconds so that it is easier to apply. Try to achieve a fine and polished finish when styling your hair.

Here are a few hairstyle products that are essential for a male grooming kit. 

Male Grooming

Best Pomade For Male Grooming

A Hair Pomade is just like a hair gel but a little softer in texture. It is a waxy semi-liquid which provides shine and flexibility. It does not have strong holding properties like a gel, but it does give your hairstyle a shiny effect. 

You will be able to achieve any type of style with the help of pomade, and your hair will not feel dry throughout the day.

Another excellent quality of pomade is that your hair will not harden and there will be no sticky residue throughout the day.

Hair Gels

Hair Gels are the best product if you are looking for a long-lasting and robust hairstyle. They are perfect if you are going for an event or marriage.

It works on your hair just like a non-sticky glue but holds them just like one. To achieve the best finishing, you must use a hairdryer to set your hair when the hair gel is dried up.

Hair Wax

Hair Waxes are just like Pomades or creams. They provide a proper texture and shine to your hair. They have a better hold and control on your hair than pomades.

Waxes are perfect for short or medium-sized hairstyles. Waxes do not have better hold on your hair than hair gels, but they do provide a better shine.

Hair Sprays

Hair sprays are another popular styling product that is perfect for holding your hair for the entire day. It is a mixture of good quality chemicals in an aerosol container. You just need three to four sprays at once if you have short or medium-sized hair. 

You apply sprays on both wet and dry hair according to the style you want to achieve. If you have curls or waves, hair sprays will help to add volume to your hair and give the exact style you are looking to achieve.


Clay for hair are much thicker in texture as compared to gel. They are much more flexible and perfect if you have thin hair.

Your hair will feel much softer, but a clay does not provide much shine to your hair and overall hairstyle. A Clay is designed to offer you a natural look.  

Hair Creams

Hair creams are designed to style your hair and improve its strength. They are a combination of wax and pomade.

Creams do not have a solid hold like a gel, but it gives you a natural-looking style. Your hair will feel smoother and healthier. 

Hair cream is the best product to use if you are looking to create a style and keep your hair healthy at the same time. You can use hair cream if you want to style your hair even if you are suffering from different hair problems like hair loss.  

Hair Transplants Or Treatments

Gone are the days when your hairstyle only depended upon your genes or genetics. Technology has been improvised to your needs now, and you can cure all types of hair problems to create a unique hairstyle of your own.

With the help of a hair transplant, you can cure all kinds of male pattern baldness. Even if you have unmanageable curly or frizzy hair, you can choose different hair treatment options and opt for a permanent hairstyle that will stay with you for life.

The only problem is that you might require a lot of funds because these procedures can be quite expensive. 

Male Grooming Kit For Face Cleansing

mens grooming kit

Men think cleansing refers to washing your face and body with a bar of soap and body wash. Your clogged skin and pH balance of your body will not be restored with a bar of soap or single body wash.

You will need a special cleansing body wash and face wash according to your skin type to achieve proper cleansing. 

Even though experts advise you to wash your face twice a day, many of us are unable to do it more than once. You should make sure that the one time you do perform cleansing, you do it the right way. 

Proper cleansing with good quality products will help your skin to loosen up. The dryness will go away, and you will feel overall comfort.

Cleaning brushes are also available in the market that will help you to form a pre-shave habit. It will help to soften your beard or mustache growth and deep cleanse your face. 

Even if your cleanser is oil-based, you can use it if your skin is dry. Such cleaners work perfectly and protect your skin from general pollutants.  


Moisturizers are an essential part of your grooming routine because they are meant to start your day right. They protect your skin from pollutants you can find in your air and environment.

When your skin is under the effect of the sun for long, it tends to become dry and undernourished. At this time, your skin tries to repair itself by renewing cells and boosting internal functions.

Use a moisturizer in the morning, which has SPF formula and proper antioxidants because it will help to protect your skin. If you have dry or sensitive skin, then moisturizing is very important.

Moisturize with light gel-based UV protected moisturizers, especially in summers. 


Male grooming is incomplete without exfoliating because the human body keeps shedding skin flakes every hour, and exfoliating helps to keep your face fresh.

Old or dead skin cells are replaced by new-age cells, which starts a natural process. Exfoliation is the removal of this top layer using quality products that are beneficial for your skin as they clear out the pores and freshens up your skin. 

Just like cleansing, exfoliating can be achieved by using products from the market or homemade remedies if you wish to opt for a much natural way. If you exfoliate every day, your body becomes harsh.

I recommend that you exfoliate your skin once or twice a week.  


Toning up your skin is a process between moisturizing and cleansing, where you use different toners to get rid of all types of impurities hiding in the pores of your skin.

Toners come in various forms, and they are made with a combination of different cleaning fluids. Toners are essential assets if you are suffering from dryness, sensitive skin problems, or excessive oiliness.

Toning is an expert level grooming process, and you can skip it if your skin feels perfect naturally.


Serums are advanced moisturizers that you can replace with your regular body wash. They are made up using premium quality creams that will help you to cure your pigmentation or wrinkle problems.

Serums are facial oils that moisturize your skin by giving it the perfect texture. If your moisturizer makes your skin greasy, you can use a good quality serum to get that shine you are missing.

Male Grooming

Face Scrubs

Using good quality face scrubs will help to clear out dead and dry skin.

Gently scrub your face using quality products to keep your skin smooth and healthy. 

Face Masks

Face masks are specifically used to clear out blackheads and zits. Charcoal and clay-based masks are best for harsh men’s skin as they can open up clogged pores easily.

Face masks restore the moisture of your face and boost up your skin. 

Some face masks are like covers that are peeled off after a few minutes, and some are like facial creams that you can rinse off with water after usage. They act as a booster for your skin and make you feel fresher than ever. 


Many men might not find self-tanning necessary or exciting, but everyone loves a gradually tanned body.

Many men are blessed with a natural capacity of acquiring a tan, and many like to use bronzers or other tanning products. Make sure that your sunscreen lotion is an SPF 15 cream as it has the best protection capacity from the sun.

Self-tanning can be achieved gradually if done naturally under the sun’s influence and instantly by using creams. You can get a natural suntan with a lotion or oil with a little amount of SPF in it.

It will help you to get a base tan quickly with the help of some good oils like olive, coconut, almond, hazelnut, and other natural oils. 

You can also find sunless tanning lotions or spray tan in the market if you want to get tanned using quality products. If you are looking for a permanent solution, you can choose to lay down in a tanning bed which hits UV rays just like the sun. 


Shaving is essential while grooming your face, whether you maintain a beard or shave regularly. A decent quality beard trimmer is important for a beard. If you shave regularly and keep a clean shaved look, you can go for a traditional straight razor, safety razor, or the latest electronic razors.

To shave and groom like an expert, prepare your skin first by applying oils or cream that will help to glide your shaving equipment on your face with ease.

This is important because it will open up your pores and reduce any chances of irritation.

Start shaving after you shower or bath as your facial skin will be soft, and you will achieve a much more exceptional shave. You then prepare to shave by cleaning your face using a brush.

Always make sure that you start from the surface and deal with the difficult shaving areas at the end, like the upper lip or chin area.

After you are done shaving, splash your face with a little cooler water. Use an aftershave once you are done so that your skin feels nourished.

If you get any cut or bruise, an aftershave will instantly start the healing process, and the burning sensation after a shave will begin to cool down.

Invest in proper shaving products, and always check your blades before you start shaving. The blades must be changed routinely, and your razor must not stay blunt for a long time if you do not plan to shave anytime soon.  

Male grooming

Beard Trimming

Maintaining a beard is not an easy job as it requires regular grooming or visits to the barbershop. No one likes a scruffy, grey, or shabby beard.

If you have a beard, many facial products like scrubs, moisturizers, or serums will be unable to reach the depths of your skin. Thus, there are both good and bad sides of a beard.

To give your beard a correct shape and size, you must always trim it with a trimmer after completely drying it.

Also, keep a separate trimmer for your chest and man parts because you might not want to mix your beard with the hair on your crotch.  

Beard Care

Beard care is also essential, which is achieved using a variety of products. Beard grooming products can be waxes or oils according to your preference.

Beard oil will keep your facial hair healthy and keep them shiny. Whereas, beard wax is perfect for styling as it has a firm texture that will keep your beard fixed in the desired position.

To round it all off, a beard brush will help to groom your beard properly. 

Some top-quality beard brushes in the market will help you promote the growth of your beard. Brushes distribute the wax or oils you use evenly to every corner of your beard. You can choose from brushes or combs.

Both of them will help the blood to flow through your hair follicles. It will keep your beard healthy and protected from all types of damage, including global pollutants.   


Trim your eyebrows if you see a monobrow appearing. Focus on the small and extra strands of hair that are growing away from your eyebrows and ask your barber to sort them out for you. Do not try to pluck them yourself if you are not experienced. 

You can also find eyebrow combs and special scissors to trim your monobrow. Barbers can also perform threading or use tweezers to groom your eyebrows properly.  


Male Grooming

Strong, healthy, and white teeth are essential for good health. Good teeth represent good health. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash, is vital to keep your teeth healthy.

When brushing your teeth, make sure you cover every single tooth and massage them gently. Use a good quality toothpaste with essential ingredients like calcium.

Studies show that you must regularly change your toothbrush and do not use a single one for too long. After brushing, use mouthwash and try to floss daily.

Poor dental hygiene can cause a lot of diseases and can even lead to heart problems. You can also chew gum containing Xylitol, which can help to fight tooth decay. 

Hands and Feet

Cut your nails once a week after you shower because it will be much more comfortable, and your skin will be softer.

Nails are the hardest part of your body and often the most ignored ones. You can suffer from dermatitis, fungal infections, or even eczema if you neglect nail care.

Try to keep your nails short and use good quality clippers. Regular nail grooming will help you because a yellow flaky infection can appear if you do not trim your nails, and then you will need a doctor.  

It might sound boring, but regular moisturizing your hands and feet is critical. You can even apply sunscreen on the backside of your hand to control pigmentation or wrinkles.

You do not need any manicure or pedicure if you take care and moisturize your hands and feet regularly.

Male grooming also includes taking care of your toes, which you complete by using a pumice stone on the dead skin of your toes.

Moisturize them regularly after a shower and feel confident when you wear flip flops or sandals.  

Makeup For Men

Gone are the days when makeup was meant for women. You will find every single makeup product nowadays specially designed for men.

From eye shadows too dark circle creams, you will find a solution to every problem you face while grooming. Makeup aims to provide little enhancement in your features.

Here are some makeup products designed for men that you can use for male grooming.

BB Creams

A Blemish Balm cream is a combination of primer, SPF, foundation, concealer, and moisturizer. It is a multipurpose cream that provides a complete skin treatment and protection.

It also beautifies your appearance and deeply moisturizes your skin to make it much smoother.   


Bronzers are worn by men to achieve a tanned look. You can use bronzer to define your muscles.

Simply start applying it lightly and then start creating layers to get a natural look.


Foundation is used to cover up scars, dark circles, pigmentation or spots from your skin. Always make sure that you choose the right shade according to your skin color.

You will also get a brush with the complete package or beauty kit that will help you to apply it over yourself.


Concealer is also a covering product that is correctly used under the eyes to cover dark shadows or circles.

You can buy a concealer stick for yourself and make sure that you altogether remove such makeup products before going to bed. 

Lip Balms

Your lips are also a prominent feature of your face, and they need a lot of care. No one likes worn out, dry and cracked lips.

Your lips can get damaged due to changes in weather or dehydration. Thus, a good lip balm is essential.  Lip Balms keep your lips protected and make them shinier. 

Male Grooming

Style Statement

Male Grooming is all about style and being stylish when you step out of your place. This will be possible when you combine the best grooming techniques with top-quality products.

Grooming will boost your confidence throughout your day, and you will feel the best. 

The above-mentioned grooming tips will add value to your morning routine and help you to follow the best habits.

These male grooming habits will work on your personality and increase the overall quality of your life.

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How frequently do you need to wash your hair?

You can face a bad hair day if you have fragile or bulky hair with loose ends. Proper washing makes them conditioned and healthy. All you need is a shampoo and a conditioner after you complete washing with a shampoo. 

Most importantly, keep in mind that you do not need to shampoo your hair regularly. You can use a soap or just run them through the water during your daily shower.

You must shampoo and condition at alternate days or maximum thrice a week. Regular shampooing will make your hair extra silky and prone to hair fall.  

After washing your hair, don’t start combing it at once. Wait for a little while, and let them dry by running your hand through or by using a towel.

How to prevent bruises after shaving?

Experienced shavers will know that nick and bruises during your shave can ruin your day. If you are a starter and shaving cuts are a regular problem, then you must make sure that you shave right after your shower.

Your skin becomes much softer after you take a shower, and it will make shaving much more manageable. 

You can also soften your beard by using pre-shave oils or creams. You must wash your face with lukewarm water before you shave to get a finer shave.

How To Tackle Dark Circles?

Dark Circles can be very demoralizing for anyone. To tackle dark circles, the first thing you need to do is follow a proper diet and sleeping pattern.

The products that you must choose to take care of dark circles must contain light-reflecting ingredients. 

Eye creams will help because they even out the color of your dark circles and make them similar to your skin tone.

Many popular cosmetic brands have top-quality concealers and creams that will help you to hide your dark circles within weeks properly.

How often should I use a moisturizer?

Men must moisturize their skin because regular shaving, perfumes and aftershave lotions can make the surface rough.

If you shave regularly or have a beard, moisturizing your face is essential. 

Experts recommend that you use moisturizer twice a day. Moisturizing every day early in the morning will also work if your skin is not dry or extra sensitive.

Just make sure that your moisturizer has SPF, which helps to protect your skin from the sun and other harmful pollutants.

How to groom my face in the morning?

Your face is the most valuable part of your body, and it needs maximum care. You can start your facial grooming just after you shower or even during your shower. 

You start by rinsing your face with lukewarm water properly. Wipe it gently with a cloth, and do not try to scrub if you have dryness. Use a good quality face wash if you have healthy skin.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you must moisturize before and after you take care of your facial hair. 

Make sure that you wash your face twice every day. Once in the morning and once before you go to bed at night.

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