10 Best Razors For Men In 2020

best razors for fmen

Have you ever had to go for a meeting or a social gathering at a moment’s notice and you have a messy stubble or beard?

Well I have been stuck in this situation at times where the invite came in at the last moments notice. At this time, you will not have the time to go to a barber for a shave.

You will not need to worry if you have a good razor and the proper tools to complete a good shave. This list includes the best razors for men and it will help you alot. 

What Are The Best Razors For Men?

Such situations often put us in a situation of dilemma. Choosing a good razor to shave your beard at home is important. 

That is why you must know the best razors for men which you can use at home for an easy shave.

There are many options in the market, which may get confused. 

Each razor has a unique selling point and performance. They all have the same functions at the end of the day but a difference in their qualities. 

I am here to tell you about a few of these qualities that will help you to purchase the perfect razor for yourself. 

History Of Razors

Razors have been in existence in the world from the Bronze Age. The razors from those days were usually made up bronze or obsidian.

The general structure of those razors was an oval shape, with a small tang at the end to use as a handle. 

We even used objects such as clamshells, shark teeth, and flint. These objects weren’t always available in the sharpest forms.

You were supposed to sharpen them and then shave. The need for a tool arose when they noticed that these primitive devices were causing damage to the skin. 

That is when the invention of razor happened which allowed men to shave their beards and unwanted hair. 

You can also find loads of information about the history of razor on the best razor for men Reddit page. 

Uses Of A Razor

The modern-day razor is assembled in such a way that it takes many things into consideration. 

Such as the accessibility of points at places, the ease of usage and the grip of the handle.

A razor performs the basic operation of helping you remove unwanted hair from your face and other body parts by shaving with the help of shaving foam, gel, or other mediums to soften the hair.

To shave your hair, the razor needs to be able to reach the difficult points like the neckline or your mustache. 

Another aspect is the design of its blades and the razor head. They should have a protective cover. 

A razor is meant to protect the skin from getting cut or getting an infectious rash or allergy.

Though the general purpose of a razor is the removal of unwanted hair, all of these aspects are also kept in mind to ensure safety and ease.

Different Types Of Razors

Safety Razors
Divided into 3 different categories.

Double Edge Razors

Single Edge Razors

Cartridge Razors

Straight Razors


Electric Shavers


Things To Look For In The Best Razor For Men?

When buying the best safety razor, there are a few things you need to look for. Here are a few of them:

  • Grip Of The Best Razors For Men

The grip of the razor to ensure it doesn’t slip off from your hand. 

  • Double Sided Blade

A double-sided blade ensures that you can shave your beard in any direction that you want.

  • Anti-Bacterial Coating

Another aspect that you need to ensure is that it has some sort of anti-bacterial coating. 

The anti-bacterial layer on the razors is to protect you from rashes. It also protects you from other skin infections that may occur.

  • Handle

Make sure that the handle is easy to grip and is made from a durable material.

Single-Edged Blade Vs Double-Edged Blade

There is a small and basic difference between a single-edged and double-edged blade

  • Single-edged blade has a single sharp edge that you can use. On the other hand, you can use both sides of a Double-edged blade.
  • The advantage of having a double-edged blade is that you can shave in both directions, I.e., upwards and downwards.
  • In a single edged razor you only use a single side of a blade which you can only use in a single direction. 

Precautions And Prerequisites

Before we use a razor, there are certain aspects that you have to be sure of. 

  • We need to be sure that your facial hair is wet and soft before shaving. You can use a softening agent such as a shaving foam, gel, or cream.
  • The blade you use must be fresh and not used by any other person.
  • Make sure you have a proper mirror to get the excellent and uninterrupted view of difficult points.
  • Also make sure to have an antiseptic liquid handy in case of injury or a cut.

Review Of The Best Razors For Men

Most razors can be classified into two major categories, double and single edged. Here are some of the best razors of 2020.

Shaving Revolution : One Of The Best Razors For Men

This long- handled double-edged razor from Shaving Revolution comes with a pack of 10 stainless steel blades. It also includes a brush to clean your existing blades. 

This razor allows you to have a good grip on it while making sure you do not end up with cuts anywhere while shaving. 

There are many reasons why it is known as the best safety razor in the market. 

It comes with a patterned finish that allows you to have a better grip. The pattern is an embossed beaded pattern which gives you the feeling of holding something tight. 

The blade that is offered along with the razor is a Japanese manufactured blade made with complete precision. 

The double-edged butterfly design allows maximum area coverage and no hair will be left out. It is a robust, safe, and long lasting razor.

The razor comes in chrome color, giving you a perfect look. You can also carry the razor easily to any place you want. This can be done by safely keeping it in a safe carry box. 

To give you the best shave and make you feel better, use the razor twice in a week. This  razor is the best men’s razor for sensitive skin. 


  • Durable stainless steel
  • Precise and smooth shave
  • Improved grip
  • Long handle 
  • Maneuver easily
  • Perfect for beginners and experts


  • Bulky razor head
  • Not suitable for coarse facial hair

MERKUR classic 2 double-edged razor

This is one of the most effective razors available in the market. Merkur is one of the razors commonly used by men around the world.

The razor has a thick and extra stable handle. This allows you to easily glide the razor over your face to give a comfortable shave.

It would be easier for you to achieve a clean shave without having to worry about skin irritation or infections. This can be achieved by using the razor at a specific angle and force. 

It is a multi-blade razor that provides a clean shave without missing a single hair. 

The double-edged razor also helps in achieving the snug shave that you want.

The best way to use the razor is to apply lather by the use of shaving foam or gel first. 

Hold the razor at a 30degree angle and let your razor work its magic. 

The excess weight of the razor helps in guiding it for a perfect shave. The heavy head allows the blade to move freely, doing most of the work.


  • Made with durable materials
  • Long lasting product
  • Achieve the perfect straight cut
  • Use it in any direction


  • The razor has a fixed double-sided blade

Chieftain Vikings blade 

It is a double-edged razor blade that appeals to the skin and also to the eye. It is the perfect safety razor for all your shaving needs. 

Being a specially designed razor, it has an added weight and is 20% heavier than other razors in its category. It is one of the most well-balanced razors available in the market.

This weight makes the razor feel a little heavy but it is spread uniformly. The extra weight helps you shave easily by using it to your advantage. 

The razor allows you to change your blades within 5 seconds with the utmost ease. It is surely the best cartridge razor you can find in 2020. 

Being a premium quality razor, it requires a little extra care. 

After every use, you’ll have to use a towel to dry it so as to prevent the coating from fading away. It is also the best men’s razor for sensitive skin.

The rose gold coating is given in a way where it will fade with time to give it a nostalgic feel. The razor is a 3 piece razor that allows you to change the blade easily.

Just like any other razor in the market, this has got its own set of pros and cons.


  • No extra effort required
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Premium 3 piece razor


  • Difficult to handle
  • Not ideal for beginners

Welshi Nostalgic double-edged razor

Welshi is a premium razor with a double-edged blades that allows you to shave in both directions. 

The butterfly design allows a safe shave. It also provides you with the ability of quickly changing blades. 

The razor has an open mechanism that allows you to remove the blade from its chamber which helps you to clean it easily. Once cleaned, ensure to dry it and store it in a dry place.

Being a safety razor, it might feel a little strange to use at the beginning. Also, the Welshi Nostalgic safety razor comes with a pre-packaged set of 5 stainless steel razors.

To make sure you make the most of the distributed weighted, make sure you shave your beard at a 45-degree angle.

Once you get used to it, you will not use any cartridge razor. The excess weight of the razor will also work amazingly in your favor. 

By applying a little pressure, you can achieve a clean and snug shave. This product performs just like the best men’s electric razor

The razor has a long handle that has a patterned finish. It works as a non-slip handle giving an efficient shave even to beginners.


  • Get an excellent grip and comfort
  • Edges are sharp and smooth
  • Top quality blades
  • Zero chance of cuts or bruises
  • Designed by skilled craftsmanship


  • The opening mechanism can be difficult
  • You can only use blades manufactured by Welshi

Edwin Jagger double-edged safety razor

The Edwin Jagger razor is a double-edged razor that is manufactured in house by skilled craftsmen. 

The Edwin Jagger brand has been in the market for a very long time now. This fabulous double edge razor is fitted with a premium factory-made razor blade head. 

Its butterfly design allows the razor to be changed quickly and smoothly. The 2 piece design allows you to remove the blade for cleaning and changing.

The finished results will give you a straight cut-throat shave that you may expect from a barber. 

It is also easy to use for beginners as the grip gives you a stable shaving experience.

The razor comes with 5 blades that you can replace anytime for a perfect shave.

It has a classic closed comb head and polished chrome plated solid brass hollow handle. It also has the Edwin Michael Philip Jagger name decorated around the collar.


  • A unique and attractive design
  • Perfect weight and balance
  • Smart chrome handle
  • Logo around the collar is the sign of authenticity


  • The grip may not feel right to some men

Gillette Fusion 5 razor

Gillette Fusion 5 shaving razor for men features five anti-friction blades. You will barely feel anything while shaving. 

The anti-friction blades are so sharp that they can cut through a feather. Having 5 blades means there is a better efficiency for hair removal.

The exactness trimmer on the rear side is nice for hard-to-reach areas and styling. 

The lubrication strip fades once you are no longer obtaining an optimum shave. The strip gives a smooth finish after you shave. 

It ensures that there is no itchiness or skin rashes due to the shave.

One razor blade refill equals up to 1 month of shaves. The Fusion5 Power men’s is a razor that fits all Fusion5 blades. 

It also fits the Discoverer Fusion razor. This blade design allows you to use the razor with a different combination of blades.


  • Five different working blades
  • Smooth and clean shave
  • Extra trimmer at the back
  • Reaches all corners of your face
  • The strip indicates expiry date
  • Each blade lasts for a month
  • Same blade for all Fusion razors


  • Becomes dull after 10-20 shaves
  • Frequent replacement of cartridges

Gillette Fusion 5 Pro Glide

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razors for men features five anti-friction blades. These blades are so sharp that if not handled with care, they may give you major cuts. 

It is the best gillette razor for many such reasons. 

With Flex Ball technology, Pro Glide responds to contours and gets nearly every hair. This, combined with the 5 anti-friction blades, makes sure that you reach every hair on your face. The aftershave feel offered by this razor is one of the best.

The exactness Trimmer on the rear is also excellent for hard-to-reach areas like beneath the nose and sideburns. It helps you with the fine touches and finishing that you may require.

One men’s razor blade refill equals up to at least one month of shaves. This is a great package as not only is it budget-friendly, but also easy to use. 


  • 4 different blades working at once
  • Pulling of skin reduced
  • Precision trimmer at the back
  • Lubricating strips acts as indicator
  • Lasts for a month
  • Blades work with all Gillette Fusion razors


  • More cost involvement due to frequent replacement of cartridges

Schick Hydro 5 sensitive razor

Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive razors and razors refill blades are designed like no other razor. 

The design and making of the razor are done by keeping the customer’s needs in mind.

It focuses on protecting skin from irritation with a unique Hydrating Gel Reservoir. 

It hydrates your skin throughout each shave. This means once you’re done with the shave, you’ll have a smooth feel over your beard.

The sensitive skin refill blades are dermatologist-tested for men’s sensitive skin. They also provide instant lubricating protection and a larger, redesigned Guard Bar. 

The Guard Bar is to increase skin stretch, resulting in a much smoother shave. Thus, it is one of the best razors for sensitive skin.

It is designed like no different razor to safeguard skin from irritation with a singular Hydrating Gel Reservoir. 

This helps by hydrating throughout every shave. The razor comes with additional blades so that it can last for a longer period of time.


  • Dermatologist tested
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Flip beard trimmer
  • Shaves hard to reach places
  • 5 different smooth razor blades
  • Large Guard Bar for a sleek shave


  • The cartridge heads may feel big
  • Flip Trimmer doesn’t have pivot function

Gillette Mach 3

Gillette Mach3 turbo men’s razor features stronger blades that remain sharper for very long. 

This razor has 3 blades that helps in removing facial hair from every corner. With blades so sharp, the razor lasts for close to fifteen comfortable shaves. 

The Gillette Mach3 turbo men’s razor also has a lubricating strip that glides over your face to protect the skin from infections. 

It also protects from a microfine skin guard that stretches the skin and prepares hair to be cut. 

Apart from this, it also leaves your skin hydrating enough to stay fresh.

The blades have the ability to fit all Mach 3 razors. This means that you can clip the blades on any razor you want.


  • Highly sharp blades
  • Advanced skin guard
  • Blade lasts for more than fifteen shaves
  • Lubrication strips for expiry indication


  • Not very cost-effective
  • Lubricating strips may wear off easily


The DORCO 6 PRO is one of the razors with a movable razor head that allows you to reach every corner of your face and give you a snug shave. 

That is why it is considered to be the best razor for legs. The bent blades allow us to access most of the hair in one single stroke. 

These blades and their designs allow you to cut one hair after another in a single stroke. 

Dorco has a universal blade which you can attach to any Dorco razor. Shave according to your preference as you have many options in the Dorco razor family.

It comes with a 6 blade attachment that gives you the ability to shave even the finest and minute hairs on your face. 

The lubricating strip allows a more comfortable and smoother shave while also indicating the exhaustion of the blades.


  • Shave with precision
  • Bent blades
  • Easy and clean shave


  • Blades are not very sharp


Having said all that, what I have found is that people like those razors the most, which are known to function efficiently. 

It should not be a matter of practice. Each of the above razors has its unique features giving separate reasons to you to love them or hate them. 

Your priorities may be different. Your preference may be a kind of blade that you can use on any body part or the blade count or the shave count or any other aspect for that matter. 

So, consider your preferences and pick a product perfect for you.

Why should I use a different Blade?

The most common question that most men have is why to use a different blade every time they shave outside? 

The reason is when a blade is used, and there is a cut, the blood can get transfused into your blood if you get a cut. This increases the risk of getting diseases that are transferred through blood.

Which razor should I use for sensitive skin?

Men with sensitive skin must choose their razors very carefully. They should make sure that the razor is very soft and has moisturizing properties. 

The Schick Hydro 5 razor is one of the best for sensitive skin because of its Hydrating Gel Reservoir. Shaving Revolution razor is also great for sensitive skin as it provides great lubrication when used properly.

Why are safety razors double-edged?

The one simple reason for safety razors to have a double edge is because a single blade helps to create an efficient way of shaving. Double-edged razors are able to shave in both directions and provide complete control. 

Whenever a safety razor is double-edged, you will need to make fewer passes to shave as compared o a single edged razor. You will not need 5 different blades to shave and a single blade will be sufficient.

Is Razor better than an electric shaver?

Electric razors are much faster than razors. You have to manually work on your facial hair when you use a razor. Whereas, a shaver will automatically cut your growth without the hassle of passing it over your face again and again. 

Shaving with an electric shaver can also reduce the chances of cuts and nicks. If you want an old-school and much traditional shave then go for a razor. If you are trying to save time then go for an electric razor.

Do Safety Razors Give a Better Shave?

Safety razors cause much less irritation and the chances of getting unwanted redness are also reduced. Safety razors also use just a single blade which is in contact with your skin while shaving. 

If we talk about the quality of a shave, safety razors are quite good. However, achieving a top quality shave depends upon your experience. You must have the proper tools and you must know the proper ways to get the best shave.

Can I use a razor for shaving other body parts?

To shave your chest hair or genital region, you can follow the process of wet shaving. You can use a safety or cartridge razor anywhere to get a proper shave. You must follow a good technique and use top-quality products to achieve a clean shave. 

You can shave your entire body including legs, arms, crotch or armpits. Make sure that you start gently and shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid any cuts.

Which safety razor brand is the best?

There are many safety razors in the market that are perfect to different types of shaving requirements. Choosing the best safety razor for yourself depends upon your preferences and skin type. 

If you have dry or sensitive skin then a soft double-edged or cartridge razor will be perfect for you. You can choose from the Gillette Fusion range if you want a disposable razor or you can go for the Shaving Revolution razor if you want a double-edged razor.

How long can safety razors last?

The life of your razor totally depends upon the way you use it and the frequency. It also depends upon the quality and the material of the razor you are using. Many razors are disposable and many of them can last for months without any damage. 

Modern razors are built to last for 10 to 15 shaves. If you have a durable razor like Gillette or Merkur, it can last for months as they have protective guards. If you shave daily, you should change the blades after one or two weeks.

what should i consider before buying a razor?

The one thing that you need to look for when buying a razor is the comfort level it will give you. 

The feel after shaving and the ease of use are also important aspects.

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