The Best Handheld Shower head Of 2020

Best Hand Held Shower Head

Everyone cherishes a nice and peaceful shower time. It is a sacred place and the only time when you are in your own space. 

During a shower, you enjoy small joys of life at your own leisure and in your own place. Keeping it upbeat, everyone loves to spend the perfect time during a shower. 

I took a keen interest and compiled a list of the best handheld showerheads. You can see handheld showers in expensive hotels and rooms. 

It enhances any shower experience and creates a beautiful environment. This tool is an excellent asset for any bathroom, and it is not a very high priced deal. 

Also, it does not need any massive installation. Uplift the quality of your shower-time to another level.

Why Do I Need A Handheld Showerhead?

The best handheld shower adds a personal touch to your bathroom and defines its character. It has many benefits. 

You will love the convenience which will help to conserve water and energy. A handheld shower is also great for the elderly, disabled, kids or pets.

With improved technology, this modern equipment now comes with many features. For example, a pause mode to stop the water flow. 

It also gives you ample time for shampooing and lathering. It also has many water pressure settings for the right spray. All these make a handheld shower head worthy of giving it a place in your bathroom decor.

Advantages Of Using A Handheld Shower Head

A big chunk of our lives is spent in the bathroom taking a shower. It is a good idea to upgrade that place with new inventions and equipment.

These handheld units are by far one of the most significant additions in that space. They simply attach to your shower wall with a rubber hose. 

As mentioned, they are easy to install and detachable as well. I have a list of the best products according to the best handheld shower head consumer reports. 

You can even use them as your traditional mounted shower head, by fixing them in the wall bracket. According to be, some of the fantastic benefits of getting these powerful and versatile tools can be:

Guiding The Direction Of Water Flow

One of the things which have been my pet peeve with a mounted shower head is making sure soap is not left in hard to reach parts.

A good portion of my shower goes in just twisting and maneuvering, and in the end, I still think of a job not done well. 

So, it is bliss that I can easily remove them from the bracket and direct the water in any direction for immaculate cleaning.

From getting that stubborn conditioner off my hair to reaching behind my ears without getting foam on my face, handheld shower heads are the best.

Conserve Water And Energy 

As an eco-conscious person, I always felt that water was wasted with mounted shower heads. 

With this, I can direct the water where I need, but with the mounted one, I could not really focus on the flow where I wanted. Many of the shower heads have switches to cut off water flow when not in use.

So apart from doing good to the environment, you would also end up keeping your bills in check.

Great For Elderly And Disabled 

If you have kids or an older person who needs assistance in showering, then a handheld shower head can offer a lot of comfort and convenience.

With this unit, even someone in a wheelchair can take a bath independently. It can help them considerably in feeling independent, at least for the showering part.

They are suitable for kids as you can lower water pressure to suit a child’s delicate skin and not irritate them with high flow. As a bonus, you can even shower your dogs or pets quickly with this.

Cleaning The Walls Of Your Shower 

After a good shampoo and rain, you can easily wash off all the foam and other gunk from the walls around your shower area with a handheld shower head.

Since you can move them around so quickly, it can reach every inch of your shower area, for a good cleaning. So clean your bathtub or walls as you shower.

Quick Rinsing 

When in a hurry, you are tempted to do a dry shaving. 

But with a handheld shower, you can shave and rinse without getting wet quickly and securely. It is also useful for getting that mud off from the feet of kids.

Spa Experience With The Best Handheld Shower Head 

Since you can manage the water pressure, if you want a Jacuzzi like feeling, you could bring the shower head really close and keep the water pressure high to gently massage some parts of your body which feel sore.

For women who don’t want to shampoo daily, they no longer have to spoil their hair by covering them with shower caps, as they can still keep their hair dry while having a luxurious bath.

Helpful If Water Pressure Is Low  

If you are bothered continuously about low water pressure in your bath and don’t feel the punch after a shower, then a shower head can help you immensely.

Just bring the water close to you, so even with low pressure, you get a feeling of a good shower that can wake you up. There are some products in the market which are modeled explicitly for low-flow, which saves much wastage.

Suit Your Mood 

Since these handheld shower heads can be mounted on a wall bracket, they are unusually adaptive, and on the days you want to utilize the extended reach of a mounted shower head, you could just put the handheld one inside the bracket on your wall.

So you can enjoy the best of both worlds, keeping your hands free when you wish to and utilizing other benefits of a handheld one when you want.

Deciding Which Handheld Shower Head To Purchase

Getting your bath water-efficient as well as convenient for all isn’t an easy task. There is no one-size-fits-all shower head because what suits one person might not be handy or needed for another. 

So before you decide on getting a handheld shower (which you must choose as that is the first step towards an enjoyable shower experience), let us go through some of the things to consider and look for in your shower head:


If you have a bigger shower room, then you need a flexible and long hose. A hose is what connects the shower head to the water supply. With an adjustable shower head, you can stand at the end of the room and still be able to take a bath.

Material Used

I guess all of us know that stainless steel is one of the best materials to be used when it comes to household commodities. It is rust free as well as long-lasting. 

A stainless steel shower head with a chrome or nickel finish will give it a glossy look providing elegance to your bathroom. 

You may feel that stainless steel is a little heavy for you to handle. 

If  you prefer something with high pressure and your favorite choice is not available in stainless steel, then try to find something which is made from ABS plastic material which can withstand the high usage.

Ease Of Use

You want a system that is not so demanding but enjoyable; hence, I would suggest finding something which has ergonomic grip handles, easy to move and flexible hose, and adjustable brackets. 

Even an excellent handheld shower, if not user-friendly, will not suit my needs. Some models have a safety strap, which lets you hold on to the shower head even without a firm grip, which can be an asset for those who have weak fingers or grip. 

Then there are models that have On/Off/Pause switch located right on the shower head so that even a seated person can control the water flow without having to get up and reach to the front wall of the shower where most controls for the shower head are located.

Water Flow Rate

For the purpose of conserving water, a shower head with a low-flow model is desirable. A rain shower head rates high in this department and is standardized to suit EPA (environmental protection agency) regulations. 

Few tips while deciding on the flow rate; 

  • A flow rate of 2.0 gallons per minute or less uses water sense technology so ideal for minimizing water usage.
  • Pause mode in a shower head would provide you with the ease of pausing as you shower hence reducing water wastage. 
  • There are other technologies like OptiFlow to consider for lowering your bills and going green.

Spray Settings

Having a plethora of parameters for a thrilling shower captivates me, and I guess this is another criterion many of you might like to look for while choosing your shower head. 

To get that spa experience and a good massage while bathing, one needs to have pre-set shower settings. There are many settings available, like fast massage spray, full-body spray, soft rain spray, to name a few. 

I go for the maximum number of parameters, but you could also choose based on the ones which you really like while saving on the cost.

Type Of Nozzle

A nozzle with a large number of spray-holes would maximize the shower effect. I prefer the one which is anti-clog made of silicon, which is useful for getting a good spray volume as well as provide a hassle-free cleaning.

Your Height

Depending on your height, you might want to consider a few things as well. For example, if you are someone tall, you would want a longer hose to give you flexibility and ease.

For a shorter person, it would be relevant how they can dock it.

Quick Installation

If you are not a pro at installing and don’t have tools to drill or anything which requires tools, then look for something which is easy to install, without the need for any extra guidance or material.

Kind Of Switches Attached To The Shower Head

There are many styles of switches used on a shower head for its operation. You should look at the one which suits your needs and is easy for you to operate.


Yes, price matters. Hence my advice would be to choose what suits your bathroom and your needs rather than trying to find all the features which make a shower head great. 

So if you have a smaller bathroom, you can forgo the long hose pipe option. 

If you are not the kind of person who likes too many spray settings, then settle for the one which gives your favorite ones.

How Do I Get My Shower Head Last Longer 

The best way to ensure your shower head to perform is to follow the user manual for maintenance and proper use. 

Check recommended fittings and always use proper-sized accessories. It is essential to clean your shower heads as a mineral from water can get deposited around the nozzle, blocking the water flow.

Soaking the shower head in a vinegar solution overnight is an excellent way to get rid of mineral deposits, without hampering the metal of your unit. You can also go for a higher-priced shower head. Maybe the one with a chrome finish, since chrome is less prone to corrosion. This way, you can get better value for money in the long run.

Some Of The Best Handheld Shower Heads In The Market

A handheld shower head is a long term investment. Even though it is not expensive, it is something which requires homework. 

We did our homework and analyzed quite a few of them by examining their features. So, below mentioned ones we thought are perfect for you to check out and choose as per your preference.

WASSA High-Pressure Handheld Shower head

This one looks as good as you see in posh parlors or hotels, with its classy chrome finish. Its shower arm can rotate 360 degrees which provides a better reach.

With 9 spray settings, it offers a wide range to give you a high-pressure massage or a sprinkle for small babies. That is why it is the best handheld shower head for low water pressure. It has a powerful spray that can be used to clean up other bathroom fixtures.

It has a pause mode, which is a beneficial feature on water conservation as well as bathing ease. The nozzle is made of silicon, which is easy to clean and clog-free.

Anyone can install this shower head as it is super easy to do that and can be done within 10 minutes. The spray is very even with 41 holes in the shower head and also hinders lime and hard water buildup.

It is the best all metal handheld shower head. It also comes as a full package with Teflon tape, for installation. It is especially beneficial for people who are tired of low-pressure water in their houses.


  • Chrome finishing
  • Easy to install 
  • Powerful flow and spray
  • Pause button
  • Lightweight


  • The shower mount arm is made of plastic
  • Issues with pause mode and restarting the shower

ANZA Handheld Shower head

The more the number of nozzles, the better is the power of spray, and this one has 110 holes so you can bet its spray is pretty powerful. 

It works well with both high and low pressure of water. It also comes with a clear installation manual and can be installed in a jiffy. 

The 6 settings for spray are good enough to get a comfortable shower. It is made of ABS plastic, which makes it lightweight and heat-resistant, with a chrome finish for a chic look. 

You can use the flow restrictor to get a low flow or remove it to get high-pressure experience.

It has a pause mode for saving water, and it retains the water temperature after the restart.It also has a 5 feet steel hose, overhead bracket, Teflon tape, and 2 rubber washers as well.

The adjustable overhead bracket can be rotated to spray water at the angle you want. This makes it the best all metal handheld shower head.


  • 4.3 inch face
  • Lightweight ABS plastic
  • Anti-clogging nozzles
  • Fits into any shower arm
  • Flow restrictor
  • Mesh-free filter inside


  • Water may leak out via plastic nut at the joint
  • Sometimes water drips off even after turning it off

Autobag Handheld Shower head with 5 settings

Another one made with ABS plastic with a chrome finish, which makes it rust-free and sturdy. Owing to its material, it is also heat resistant and less prone to corrosion. 

It has a significant number of pores. 215 to be precise, and that’s why you get a good speed of water with this shower head and perfect for a low-pressure area.

One great feature in this is its On/Off switch right on the shower head, which makes it user-friendly. It is also the best handheld shower heads for seniors

It has 5 modes of spray and self-cleaning nozzles. These need rubbing and wiping with a soft cloth, to avoid deposits. It comes with free Teflon tape and a spare water filter.


  • On/Off key
  • Lightweight ABS plastic 
  • Chrome finishing 
  • Self-cleansing silicone nozzle 
  • Simple Installation 
  • pause button
  • 5 spray modes
  • Affordable


  • Does not come with a hose
  • Tool provides cannot tighten the hose
  • There can be small leaks even when turned Off
  • No instruction booklet in the package

Couradric Handheld Shower head

This product is quite chic, looking almost like a work of art. Its 5 inches diameter is more significant than many others for a forceful spray. 

It is made with ABS plastic with a nickel finish, which gives it a luxurious look. It has 6 spray settings.It also has a 37-degree inclination provider for better control of water flow.

I found its spray settings quite interesting. They are bubbling rain, power rain, shampoo rinsing, pulsating massage, and water-saving mode. The 48 nozzle holes are good enough for a soothing bath and are self-cleansing. 

It has a flow limiter, which is easy to remove which makes it the best handheld shower heads for seniors. The shower head has a rubber ring around it, which gives it better stability. After using, put it back, and there will be lesser chances of you getting hit by it.

The package includes a 6-foot hose along with 3 more rubber washers.


  • Comfortable handle  
  • Stable copper ball bracket 
  • Lifetime customer support and free replacement
  • Easy to shift spray settings
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • 6-foot hose 
  • Nickel finishing
  • Shower spray is very compact


  • Hose can be large for small bathrooms
  • The flow restrictor may make the flow too slow

YOO.MEE Handheld Shower head with powerful shower

This shower head has a forceful spray and the flow is compelling in full coverage mode. It is very useful in a low-pressure area. 

The body is made of high strength ABS plastic while the hose is stainless steel. It is known to be the best luxury handheld shower head in the market. 

The Turbo water technology in this shower head works on the water conservation principle, so you can be ensured of less environmental damage with this one.

It has 3 modes of the shower: great shooting, pulse massage, and mixed.


  • 2-XP turbo water charging technology,
  • The stainless steel hose
  • Extra hose gasket
  • Uniform spray pattern 
  • The silicon nozzle


  • It does not have many spray settings
  • Controlling the water pressure can be a challenge
  • A little pricey

Ana dual combo Handheld Shower head

This one has a double feature, a shower head, and a handheld shower. It has a very modern look with nickel finish. It has an actual metal coating for extra durability. 

Also, both shower heads can have different spray settings for a refreshing shower. The 5-inch broad spray face gives it good water coverage. 

It comes with 5 settings for the kind of spray you would like to have. Both the shower heads can have their own spray settings. 

The nozzles have an anti-clog system. The hose is made of stainless steel and is 5 feet long. It also has a flow regulator for saving water.


  • Dual system 
  • Anti clog nozzles
  • Water efficient 
  • Good pressure
  • Long hose
  • Easy to install


  • The material used
  • The connections may get loose after a while
  • The streams are not so great for shampooing

Aqua dance high-pressure Handheld Shower head

This is a very reasonably priced item with functional features like 6 spray settings. With an angle-adjustable overhead bracket, it is very convenient for use as a fixed shower head as well. 

The unit comes with a 5-foot long hose and clear instructions for installation. Installation is a breeze with no more tools needed. 

Changing spray settings is quite comfortable with a click dial operation. Here are some of its Pros and Cons.


  • Shiny chrome finish
  • Installation is a cinch
  • It has 6 spray settings
  • Easy to mount it back and use as a stationary shower head
  • Works well in less water pressure
  • Easy to change spray setting 


  • It does not have good water coverage.
  • The washer is small

Aqua dance 7 inches premium, high-pressure Handheld Shower head

This is another one from aqua dance with enhanced features like a dual shower head. 

It has a vast shower face of 7 inches in diameter. It has 6 spray settings; Power rain, pulsating massage, Power mist, Rain massage, Rain mist, and water-saving mode. 

It sports a 3-way water diverter, which is useful for shifting the flow of water between fixed and handheld shower heads. It also comes with a rub-clean jet, which is very beneficial for preventing lime build up. It also keeps the nozzle clog-free and easy to clean.

The overhead bracket is angle-adjustable to let you point water at the exact point when you wish to go hands-free. 

It’s also the best handheld shower head wire cutter. The whole body has a chrome finish to make it corrosion resistant.


  • 6 spray settings
  • 7 inches shower face 
  • Poise function
  • Easy spray settings
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Tested by the US professionals
  • 5 feet hose with a flexible design


  • The pressure isn’t high enough
  • Leakage in the main head when using the wand

Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Shower head -26100EP

With an attractive and unique feature of magnetic docking technology, this shower head avoids the pain of having to dock it each time. ]

The body is plastic with a chrome finish, giving it a sophisticated mirror-like look. 

The shower head is 3.5 inches in diameter with 6 spray settings to choose from. It is the best handheld shower head for small shower.


  • Magnetic docking system
  • Reflective chrome finishing
  • Pretty easy to install
  • Water Sense technology


  • Low water pressure
  • Small shower head face
  • All plastic
  • No on/off switch
  • Costly for the features it offers

Delta Faucet 7-Spray Handheld Showerhead -26100EP

An excellent buy for the price. It is a durable water pressure shower head. Its nozzle is made with touch-clean technology, making it easy to wipe and stop mineral buildup in a regular manner. 

The delta 7-spray touch clean hand held shower head is Reasonably priced for the features it has.

Its 7 different spray settings covers a lot of shower options with a proper massage setting.The chrome finish is good to look at.

It has the best handheld shower head wirecutter. Since it has Delta’s lifetime limited warranty, you can go ahead and buy it without my worry.


  • 7 spray setting 
  • Small ear on shower head 
  • Pause feature 
  • Long 6 feet hose 
  • Touch-Clean technology
  • Easy setup
  • 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate 


  • The hose is not flexible


There are many unique features in each of the best handheld shower head that we reviewed and presented here. Choosing a clear winner was a bit of a task yet considering all the realities and issues faced by us in our shower routine. 

The ANZA 6 spray settings shower head stands out amongst all these. 

It is quite sturdy in its heavy-duty ABS construction. With a chrome finish, it does look professional. 

The 4.3 inches shower face can give decent water coverage, and 110 nozzles are high for all kinds of spray settings. 

Its 6 spray settings have all the options that one would want in their shower head.

From gentle rain to pulsating massage, it is suitable for bathing your kids as well as giving massage to your sore muscles. The package comes with everything you need for an easy installation, which requires no tools or help from anyone. 

It also has a pause mode, which is one feature I feel is a must on handheld ones, else the whole purpose of such a unit is defeated. 

The ball joints overhead are adjustable, so it is right even when used as a fixed shower head, bending in ways that support your showering needs.

What is the difference between shower heads and normal shower?

One of the major difference is the size and comfort level of a handheld shower head. You get much more water flow and higher pressure whenever you use a handheld shower.

A normal shower is smaller in size and fixed in single position. A normal shower will produce a normal flow and a handheld shower will provide a massive rainfall flow of water while showering.

How to mount a handheld shower?

Start off by removing your regular shower head and screwing a diverter pipe. This will help you to easily mount a handheld shower.

You will find a valve on the diverter pipe which will help you to install the handheld shower easily.

Can I add a handheld shower to my bathtub?

Yes, you can easily attach a handheld shower to your bathtub. All you need is a diverter fitting on the wall that connects your normal shower or tap.

What is the purpose of a handheld shower?

The main purpose of a handheld shower is to provide your control and stability during your shower. With a handheld shower, you can easily control and manage the amount of water you want to use during your shower.

You will have a switch in your hands which will help you to control everything and save water.

Which shower filter is the best for Rain dance shower head?

Everyone loves to spend time in the shower. It is important that the water you use is not harsh and chlorine free.

Always make sure that you use a shower head with nozzles that don’t clog up easily and dual systems. Delta 7 and ANZA 6 are some of the best choices you can go for.

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