best double edge razor blades

Best Double Edge Razor Blades

What are the best double edge Safety razor blades?

Safety Razors are an essential tool in a man’s grooming kit. They are one of the best modern-day instruments. Every razor always needs a good quality blade. This leads us to the question, what are the best double edge razor blades or safety razor?

After straight razors, safety razors were the best invention that every man loved. Every man had one of these and almost everyone uses them daily. 

This is why choosing the correct blade for your safety razor important. That is what we will discuss today. The best Double Edge Razor Blades of all time.

Do you know that before the invention of safety razors, everyone had to use a straight razor? People had to operate that sharp knife-like razor whenever they needed a shave. Most of them had to visit a barber to get a quick shave. Shaving was a real difficult task before safety razors were around.

You must have realized by now that safety razors are among the best razors and they are great to use. You can find Single-edged razors, double-edged and disposable ones in the market now.

We can agree that safety razors are as good as a straight razor. They allow the best close shave that matches the quality of a barber. Safety razors never fail to impress. They guarantee a shave equal to the one you will get when you visit your local barber.

Exploring the world of razors also requires knowledge about the blades. As you may already know, razor blades are the main component of a razor. They are the life and soul of your razor. A safety razor is good and functional only till the blade is in good shape. As soon as your blade turns dull, your razor won’t be as effective as it used to be.

The quality of your razor is a determining factor of its blade. If you’re an expert or even a starter, you must be aware of its importance. Choosing the correct razor blade for yourself and your razor in a necessary.

Shaving with the best double edge razor blades has its benefits. They have consistency. You will have a good shaving experience without any chances of irritation or cuts. I can tell you right away that they are way better than a cartridge razor.

Double-edged razors have replaceable blades. A blade can go dull within a week if you shave daily. According to the quality of your razor or blade, the time of replacement may vary.

There are different types of blades for different shavers out there. Use a blade according to your experience level. As beginners might not need a sharp blade. Whereas experienced shavers can work around with a very sharp blade.

I will provide you with all the information I can about blades in this article. Double edge safety razor blades vary according to different factors. These might include the quality, sharpness, prices and experience levels.

Before choosing a blade for yourself, let’s start with some basic knowledge about them. Then we will dive into the details about various products you can buy.

How to Operate a Safety Razor 

Now before we review a few razor blades, you all need to be aware of the main tool in hand. A safety razor looks simple but can be very difficult at times if you have recently started using them.

Now changing blades is an important part that you will need to master. To operate a safety razor in the correct way, you will need to learn every step that goes into changing its blades.

Follow these simple steps to change the blade of a safety razor.

Check The Mechanism Of Your Razor

The most important step is to realize the type of safety razor that you are using. Safety razors all look the same, but they are different in many ways. You got a single edge, double edge or two-piece, three-piece razor or twist-open razor.

Now, you will need to check the blades and how they came in the packaging. After you have known the details about your razor, you will be ready to go.

Taking Out Your Best Double Edge Razor Blades

The second step involves taking out the blades. All the best blades comes in a protective wrapping. It attaches itself together with the help of a small amount of glue or adhesive. 

It is stuck together from the center. Now, take out the blade you want to use and handle it from the corner. Never take out the blade from the edges.

Open Your Razor

Now if you are using a double edge or three-piece razor, then take out all the components of your razor one by one.

The first step is to take out the handle of your razor. This will help other pieces to fall apart.

Now place every piece aside and at different locations. This will help you to identify all the sections of your razor.

Locate the head of your razor where the blade will adjust itself. Different razors have different types of heads. So make sure that you are aware of all types of “Razor Heads”.

Placing And Choosing The Best Double Edge Razor Blades

Now is the time to place your blade on the head of your razor. Position it in a careful manner and make sure that the blade fits on the head of your razor. Take care of this procedure and fix all the parts.

Now, fix the mounting plate that comes between the blade and the lower part of your razor. This plate helps to keep the blade in position. Make sure that this plate is in proportion to the blade and head of your razor.

Make sure that you position the blade in a correct way to complete this step without any problems.

Attach The Handle Back To Its Place

In the last step, all you need to do is screw back the handle like you took it out in the first place. The blade that you have attached must bend at an angle of 30 degrees. 

Screw back all the pieces of your razor and your blade will fix back like it was.

Before you buy a Safety Razor Blade

Well, there are many things you need to consider before you hit the market to buy a blade for yourself. Your blade will be same even if you have a double-edged or safety razor. 

Like every daily-use product, you will find all types of varieties. From expensive high-quality blades to bad ones, you will encounter them all.

Thus, proper knowledge before-hand is important. The first thing that you need to realize is that every man is different. Every beard and facial hair is different. A blade that your father or brother uses won’t work for you every time.

Thus, always choose the brand that suits your skin and beard. Here are some important factors that you must keep in mind before choosing a blade for your safety razor.

The Sharpness Of Your Blade.

Many people think that a blade is better when it is sharper. This is not at all true. Different people have different choices. It is a myth that a sharper blade will give you a better shave and improve your safety razor.

Sharper blades also increase the risk of nicks and cuts. If you are a starter and have recently started shaving, then a sharp blade may not be your first choice.

Sharp blades indeed have a slight advantage over other blades. They take a little less time when compared with less sharp blades. This is true because ultra-sharp blades will need a lot fewer passes on the skin. You will need fewer turns on your skin when you are shaving.

Sharp blades may save some time, but not for everyone. Only experienced and advanced shavers can save time. If you are a beginner, then sharp blades are going to turn out risky.

Also, make sure that you consider the smoothness of your blade. If you are choosing a very sharp or medium sharpness blade, then make sure that the cutting angle is not too deep. If you have sensitive skin, then your blade must be smooth.

Sharp blades do not need much pressure while shaving. Thus, the smoothness of your blade is very important. So, always consider the smoothness of your razor. Also, check the sharpness level of your blade according to your requirements.

Hair Type

Here is another important aspect before you go out to choose a blade for your safety razor. Recognizing your beard and its type is very important. Always known the density and thickness of your facial hair.

Yes guys, always pick up a blade according to the type of your hair. In short, thicker hair needs a sharper blade. Thicker hair needs a lot of care as well. If you have thick hair and you shave daily, then a sharp blade is what you need.

Thus, thicker or coarse facial hair needs a sharp blade. Another important factor before you choose a blade is the number of times you shave. You will need a sharp blade if you shave your thick hair daily.

A mild or softer blade will be fine if you have thin hair type. Even if you shave daily, thin facial hair won’t need extra sharp blades. You will achieve a clean shave even with a mild blade.

Thus, keep in mind these factors and choose the perfect blade for your facial hair.

Experience and Skills

This is an important factor. Your experience level and your shaving skills are very important. Men who have been shaving for a while choose the sharpest blades. Only because they can finish the task without any difficulties. As they are aware of the dos and don’ts.

If you are a beginner and new to the world of shaving, then you must go for a little milder blade. As you are learning all the tricks of the trade, you might need a little practice.

Another thing to keep in mind is your skin sensitivity. Choose without any hesitation if you are prone to different skin problems. This is where experience comes in handy. Men with sensitive skin always choose a mild blade because of their experience.

So choose the correct blade and stick to your daily shaving regime.

Also, do not forget to choose a mild blade if you are a starter.

Life Of The Best Double Edge Razor Blades

The life of your blade depends upon you. Many men with experience stick a single brand as time goes along. It is a good practice as their skin adapts to the daily routine. This increases the life of your blade and you always get a clean shave.

Yet, if you are a starter then there is no harm in trying out new blades. Go for different blades and choose the best for yourself.

The life of your blade depends upon the shaves you complete until it goes dull. Many men use it for 5 to 6 days. Others may throw out the blade after a single-use. Different blades have different life spans. It depends upon your usage and skills.

Thus, choose a blade according to the time you wish to use it. You can decide how long you wish to use a single safety razor blade.

Top 10 Double Edge Razor Blades

1. Feather Double Edge Razor Blades

The Feather Brand of blades has been among the top brands with a big reputation. Made in Japan, they are sharp-edged blades. They come from stainless steel and are among the sharpest blades you can find anywhere.

Do you this brand has been around 1932? The Feather brand is famous for its medical instruments. Do you know that their razor blades are also famous. Thy have also been one of their primary products. They have all the experience as a brand that will make you trust them without a question.

Here is another fun fact that you might not know about! The Feather brand’s process of manufacturing medical products and blades are the same. This is why they are sharp, reliable and trusted brand since its invention.

Feather has been among the leaders when it comes to premium quality blades. You will find that they are the best in the business. Thus, Feather Blades are medical grade and high-quality razor blades.

I can guarantee you that every experienced shaver relies on this brand. They are one of the sharpest blades in the market. Being crazy sharp, these blades help regular shavers to get a quick and smooth shave. This can be a problem for beginners though.

Given the sharpness of this blade, I recommend that you should handle it with care. This does not mean beginners cannot use this blade. All I am saying is that be careful if you are a young shaver.

As it is very sharp, make sure that you keep an antiseptic close by. Only if you are a beginner. Experienced shavers might get it done without any problems. Antiseptics like an alum or a styptic pencil must always be in handy. Only for young shavers though, skilled shavers will love this sharp blade.

Another quality of this blade is that it has thin edges. Double-sided razors work without any problems when the blade is thin on the edges. But, thinner edges can also get dull a little faster.

So, you might need to change this blade after 4 to 5 shaves. This is due to its thin edges. They also help to provide a smooth shaving experience. Only because of these thin edges, the feather brand of blades is sharper than any other blade out there.

Here are some pros and cons that you must consider before choosing Feather Blades.

Features of This Best Double Edge Razor Blades

  1. Feather Brand is one of the most trusted and reliable brands when it comes to razor blades. As mentioned, they are stainless platinum coated blades. This coating of platinum is the reason why each blade has an extended life. I can assure you that you can rely on this brand.
  2. If you talk about shaving experience, then you do not have to worry at all. You will have a world-class shaving experience.
  3. Another great advantage of this blade is that it can fit in almost all types of razors. This makes it great for men who prefer safety razors.
  4. As I mentioned above, they are one of the sharpest blades. This makes it a perfect tool for experienced shavers who shave daily.
  5.   Feather razor blades are also perfect for men with thick facial hair. They are great for all types of thick beards and mustaches.


  1. There are a few problems with the feather brand. All I can tell you is that they are a bit aggressive. In the sense that the blades are very sharp and it can be risky if you do not use it in a proper way.
  2. As they are very sharp, the life of a single blade can be somewhere around 3 to 4 days. This is when you shave on a regular basis. Otherwise, a single blade can last up to 4 to 5 shaves.
  3.   One more thing, they can be a bit expensive for some men. As they originate in Japan and imported, it can cost you a little extra as compared to other regular blades.

But if you are looking for quality, then a little extra amount won’t hurt you at all. With an average rating of 4.5, every penny that you spend will be worth it. The quality of Feather Razor Blades will make you fall in love with this product.

2. Vikings Blades

Another great brand of premium quality blades for safety razors and each one of its types. The Vikings Blade company have been famous since 1985. They are a recognized brand that specializes in razor blades.

Made in the USA, they are a product of Swedish steel. When Swedish Iron ore came into existence, it had the exact components of steel alloys. To exactly tell you how effective Swedish steel is, it helped to make rifles.

Now that you know how strong Swedish steel is, every single blade by Vikings brand comes from it. Yes, it is platinum-coated Swedish steel. Every single Vikings blade is made with this formula.

They have a 4.5 rating only because of these reasons. They are a perfect tool for wet shaving and a great addition to have in your grooming kit.

As Swedish steel is strong, it doesn’t mean that these blades are extra sharp and risky for your skin. No, that is not the case. They are designed for all types of skins in a great way. They are mild blades which are safe for sensitive skin.

They are perfect for thin hair types. Suitable for soft and medium types of facial hair. These blades make the operation of your razor smooth. It also comes in a great environment packaging.

Before you jump to any conclusion and buy this product, let us compare some of its pros and cons. Different men need different blades according to their skin type. Different razors, facial hair type and of course their shaving routines are also a part of it. These comparisons below will help you to decide.

Best Double Edge Razor Blades : Features Of Vikings Blades

  1.  Don’t be mistaken by the name. Vikings were some of the strongest human beings that ever lived on this planet, but these blades are not.
  2. They are not very aggressive. This does not mean that it’s very dull and will not function in the correct way
  3. Do not get confused, Viking blades are quite sharp. Yet, they are not extra sharp. They are mild according to their built. This is the reason why they are perfect for men with sensitive skin. You can say that their sharpness is medium. This is why they are safe for sensitive skin types
  4. Another great feature is that they have a long life. Many blades don’t even last a day. Different blades won’t be effective when you use them for the third or fourth time. Yet, Viking blades are long-lasting. They may last 5 to 7 blades according to your routine.
  5. These blades are perfect for starters who are young and have started to shave. I can also recommend Viking Blades for men who do not have a thick and dense beard.
  6.  Experience shavers may also love this blade as they are not very aggressive. Many times, skilled shavers choose a less aggressive blade. Thus, this blade will be perfect for them.


Viking Blade is a good quality brand. They have loyal customers and men from across the world love it. There are a few areas where you might consider a different option.

  1. They are not very sharp blades. As I mentioned above, Viking Blades are perfect for men who have thin or medium-sized facial hair. Thus, these blades are not suitable for men with thick and dense beards. This blade might not work for them.
  2.  Many experienced shavers have a habit of using extra sharp blades. Thus, the Viking Brand may not be their first choice. If you are a fan of extra sharp blades, then the Viking brand is not for you.
  3. These blades are not made for beginners and starters. Experienced shavers might find this blade “not sharp enough”.

Before you head out to the market, make sure that you go through some of the pros and cons of the razor blade you want. It will be helpful for beginners especially, who are looking to settle down with a brand.

3. Shaving Revolution Razor Blades

A great double edge razor blade perfect for all types of safety razors. The Shaving Revolution brand has been among the top for some time now. The blades that they produce are of premium quality. They are Japanese stainless steel. They are Platinum series blades as well.

Now before we talk any further, you all must already know about Japanese steel. This steel is the one used for building knives. Japanese steel withstands a high amounts of pressure. It is not easy to break and it can have strong edges.

Yet, we are talking about razors blades here and not knives. These razor blades from Shaving revolution are very sharp as they are of the same material. They help you to achieve a clean and precise cut without any problems.

This brand of blades guarantees a high-quality shaving experience. As they are quite sharp, their smoothness is incomparable. All you need is a good quality shaving cream and razor. These blades provides your skin with the best experience possible. You will have an irritation-free shave with a soothing experience.

Even though they are sharp, the risk will be next to zero if you use them in a proper way.. Experienced shavers immediately fall in love with this product. Shaving Revolution is a brand which experienced shavers are stuck to forever.

Its quality and precision are what blew us away with astonishment. Now, it will not be hard to believe that they have a 4.6 average rating.

Let’s consider some of its pros and cons before you head out to the market. Here are some comparisons.


  1.  As it is very sharp, experienced shavers love this product. Many men who start using these blades never shift to another brand. Thus, the Shaving Revolution has a loyal fan base. It is a trusted brand because of its high-quality product.
  2. You will have a clean and precise shave every time. The sharpness helps to improve the complete smoothness of your shaving experience.
  3. They are very durable blades. The Japanese steel and platinum coating helps the blade to have a long life. A single blade can last for a week even if you use it daily. This may vary according to your hair type and usage.
  4. These blades have a long-lasting life. They do not go dull without performing well.


Even with all the outstanding features of this blade, there is a thing or two that might not suit you. For example;

  1. As I mentioned, these blades are sharp. That means that it may not be a perfect choice for beginners. Even with all the protection and smoothness, starters may have a risk of nicks and cuts.
  2. You must always store these blades in a proper way. Do keep them close to the water for long.
  3. They provide a smooth shave. They are very sharp. Their life can decrease if you do not use them in a correct way or mishandle them. Always make sure that you use the proper technique. As they are sharp, mishandling them may make the edges dull.

4. Weishi Extra Stainless Double Edge Blades

Weishi blade is one of the most reputed brands. Its 4.8 rating says it all. These extra stainless steel are high-quality blades that provide the best shaving experience. You will always have a smooth shave when you have these in your grooming kit.

They are very sharp blades, thus you must handle them with care. Always make sure that you store them at the right place. Keep them away from water. Many razors have a slot at the back to store blades. You should store them there.

Weishi brand has advanced innovative manufacturing which is the reason why it’s famous. The craftsmen behind it are some of the most skillful individuals.

They are the highest quality stainless steel. The total dimensions of each blade are 1.68’’x .86’’.

There are some things that you must keep in mind when you use Weishi blades. As they are crazy sharp, make sure that you do not use extra pressure. They provide a smooth shave. Do no exert extra weight or pressure when you shave.

Always hold the razor from its tip when you use so that the chances of getting a cut are next to zero. Try to create a 45-degree angle of the blade.

Also, make sure that you handle and dispose of the blade in a proper way when it gets dull. I am sure you will feel that every single blade is a timeless piece of art.

Here is a comparison of some Pros and Cons of this razor blade.


  1. Weishi Blades are very sharp. You will always have a clean and smooth shave. You will love its precision.
  2. They are perfect for all types of safety razors. Even if you have a single or double-edged razor, these blades will fit fine.
  3. Many sharp razors are not durable. Not in this case. Weishi razors are sharp but very durable. Use them in a correct way and they will last for a long time.
  4. You will always have a smooth and irritation-free shaving experience. Although they are sharp, these blades are not aggressive. So use them in a skillful manner to avoid cuts and nicks.


  1. Weishi Blades are not a good option for starters. They are a bit too sharp for beginners.
  2. They can nicks and cuts if not used in a proper way.

5. Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades

Next in the list is Astra Superior Platinum Blades. They originate in Russia and one of the most popular brands. They are the modern double-edged razor.

They are also very inexpensive and affordable. But if they are cheap, that does not mean that their quality is not on point. They provide a close and clean shave which many blades are unable to deliver.

Their performance is very smooth. They are perfect for wet shaving. Even if you have a lot of experience or if you are a beginner, this blade will be a great option. Even though they are very sharp, they will be perfect if you use them in a proper way. As I mentioned, it’s perfect for every man out there.

But do not get confused, these blades can take on every type of beard. Even if you have a dense or a thick beard, this blade will give you great results.

Astra platinum is a high-quality razor with sharp edges. Their sharpness also goes on for a long time. They are durable and provide a smooth shave.

A fun fact about Astra Blades, they originate from the Czech Republic. In 1996, Gillette took over this brand. Now their head office is in Russia.

Let us now compare some of the Pros and Cons of the Astra Platinum Razor Blades:


  1. The sharpness is commendable. Not only they are sharp, but their sharpness also stays for a long time. Their durability is what impresses me the most and I am sure it will impress you too.
  2. As they are sharp, the smoothness of your shave will also be impressive. You will have a clean and irritation-free shave. These blades are also perfect for sensitive skin types. As many sharp blades can irritate sensitive skin.
  3. They are inexpensive. They have a lot of features within an affordable price range.
  4.  Every single Astra blade lasts for a long time as compared to other sharp blades. Sharp blades can go dull faster as their edges are sharp and thin. You can shave daily for a week and your Astra blade will not go dull.
  5. The Astra Platinum Brand is famous and recognized. They have many loyal customers who are using their blades for a long time.


  1. The sharpness can cause nicks and cuts. If beginners do not use the right technique, it can be risky for them.

Astra Platinum Blades are easy to find and very famous for their quality. What attracts men the most towards these blades is the quality and its price. I am sure you will love this product and its 4.4 ratings speak for itself.

6. Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

The Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades is a product of Turkey and Sweden. It is a combination of tungsten, chromium ceramic, platinum and polymer coating. This blade is one of its kind and has some great features.

Every single blade of this brand uses the above elements and then coated with Teflon. Teflon helps to decrease the friction between the blade and skin. These blades provide a comfortable shaving experience.

Derby Blades are durable and have great power. They have high strength and complete smoothness. They have many features and are quite inexpensive when compared to different blades.

Also, these blades are mild and not very sharp. That is why they are perfect for all types of shavers. It is perfect for men who are starting to shave.

Here is a comparison of the pros and cons:


  1. The sharpness of Derby Blades is mild. This makes it perfect for all types of men. It is also perfect for sensitive skin. They are very gentle on the skin and provide a comfortable shave.
  2. The Teflon coating helps to provide you with a comfortable shave. The friction decreases and increases the smoothness. This coating of Teflon is the reason why this blade guarantees a smooth shave. The polymer coating is also an excellent way that helps to provide low friction and smooth shave.
  3. The complete process of this blade’s construction is very impressive. No other blade uses such skills and innovative ideas in its manufacturing.
  4. The durability of this blade is also great. It can last up to 10 shaves even if you use it daily. Thus, this blade is also very consistent. The extra coatings make it hard and durable.


  1.  Many experienced shavers prefer a sharp blade. Derby blades are not crazy sharp like some blades in the market.
  2. This is the reason why this blade can be mild for some men.

To end it all, Derby blades are one of the most advanced products with great complete features. It has a 4.3 rating and preferred by different men across the entire world.

7. Feather Razor Blades

Next on our list is the well-renowned Feather brand. This Japanese brand is a leader of the razor blades industry. They are famous for their outstanding life. Many sharp razor blades fail when it comes to durability. The Feather razor blades are sharp and very durable.

These blades keep their sharpness for a long time. Even when you use them daily, the smoothness will not go away. Every single blade originates from Japan. It goes through many innovative processes before its final manufacturing.

These blades are Hi-Stainless blades which are double-edged. This makes them perfect for all types of safety razors. They are trade-mark products and recognized all over the world. They are a reflection of premium quality.

If we talk about their sharpness, they are one of the sharpest in the market. I can assure you that you will be unable to find any blade sharper than this one. They have sharp and thin double edges. They are responsible for a smooth shaving experience.

Here are some of its Pros and Cons.


  1. They are very sharp. Generally, sharp blades are not durable. But not this one. It is durable and very comfortable. Use it in a correct manner and you will have the smoothest shave ever. You can have many shaves before it goes dull.
  2.  Feather brand has been producing blades from more than 80 years now. They produce some of the best quality products. This blade is a perfect cutting blade which guarantees a perfect shave.
  3. They are very high quality imported blades which have a platinum coating. Its 4.6 rating is proof of its quality.


  1. As it is very sharp, this blade is not suitable for beginners. You need proper technique and skills. Otherwise, the chances of cuts and nicks are very high.
  2. The price can be an issue for some men as these blades are very high quality.

8. Parker’s Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Another high-quality blade that will be perfect for your safety razor. Parker blades have been producing premium quality products since 1973. They use premium platinum, tungsten and chromium polymer coatings to provide ultimate comfort.

Every single blade that Parker produces is the best quality stainless steel. Then the coating takes place. It helps to give you the smoothest experience possible.

The edges of each blade that provides the sharpness are great to use. They are very close to perfection. The Parker brand makes sure that they create the finest edges using the best skills possible.

A good looking pack of 5 comes with each sale which has a nice storage compartment. You can take out one blade at a time and store different blades at different times. You can use these slots to store used blades as well.

Here is a list of some Pros and Cons that you must consider before choosing Parker Blades for yourself.


  1. The best stainless steel and high-quality metal coatings make this razor smooth. That is the reason why The Parker Brand creates the best quality razor blades.
  2.  Another great feature of these blades is that you can use them in all types of safety razors.
  3. Experience a smooth and comfortable shave which is not available if you use any other blade.
  4. Perfect for wet shaving.


  1. Sharp blades can be risky for beginners or young shavers.
  2. Many men can find the price a little expensive. But if you are going for supreme quality, then the price is almost right.

9. Shark Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades

Are you are looking for a sharp and comfortable blade for your double edge razor? Your wait is over because The Shark Super Blades is exactly what you need. You will experience a very smooth and complete shaving experience.

These blades are very famous and recognized everywhere. Believe it or not, several barbers use them as well. I remember mine definitely did use these blades.

Shark Super Stainless Blades originate from Egypt. They are as sharp as any high-class razor. The best part about them is that they are not that expensive when compared to others in its category.

Thus, you get all the premium features of a world-class blade at a lesser price. What else can you ask for? This is the reason why this product has a rating of 4.9. It has the best value for the money spent.

Like other blades, Shark Super Blades are famous for its sharpness and smoothness. They are sharp and comfortable to use.


  1.  Perfect for wet shaving, these blades are very high-quality items. They are platinum razor blade which can fit in all types of razor blades. You will have a clean and smooth shave.
  2.  Like all the other sharp blades, always make sure that you have enough experience to use this tool. You must always use the right skills.
  3.  As it is quite sharp, this blade is perfect for thick hair types. Even if you have sensitive skin or a dense beard, this blade will be able to handle all types of situations.
  4. Even though it has sharp edges, this blade can last up to 5 to 6 shaves.


  1. As this blade is sharp, you must be a little experienced when it comes to shaving. Beginners must practice and improve their skills before using this blade.

10. Dorco ST300 Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

Dorco Double Edge Razor blades are great platinum made razor blades. They have supreme quality and each blade comes from stainless steel.

Unlike other blades, they are not very sharp. This does not mean that you will be unable to get a good quality shave. The smoothness and the complete comfort of a good shave remain the same.

Here are some Pros and Cons of these blades:

Best Double Edge Razor Blades : Features Of DORCO ST300 :

  1.  Before you go out and buy these blades for yourself, make sure that you check all the details. These high-quality blades are designed for beginners.
  2. This is the reason why the sharpness of these blades is mild. They are perfect for beginners starting the wet shaving technique.
  3. The edges of the blade are thin and not very sharp. You can shave without taking care of the technique. Even if you apply a lot of pressure, your safety razor will prevent you from any cuts. The mild sharpness of this blade will provide a good and complete shave without the risk.
  4. Thus, you do not need experienced skills to use this blade. They are perfect for daily shaving as well.
  5.  Dorco ST300 blades are inexpensive and easy to use. They are also very durable. Even if you use them daily, they can last for a week without any problem.


  1. Many experienced men need a sharp blade. Dorco might not be their first choice.
  2.  Many men find the quality a little low.
  3. Dorco blades might be for starters, but many experienced men also prefer these blades. For experienced men, they are perfect for their regular use.

You will not need a lot of time or precision to use blades. For a quick and easy shave, these blades are the best. With a total rating of 4.4, these blades are definitely worth a try.

Choosing the Best Safety Razor Blade

I hope that some of these reviews and product details might have helped you a bit. More than research or resources, personal preference and experience plays a vital role.

Do not forget to review the best for yourself before choosing a blade for your razor. Choosing the Best Safety Razor Blades is as important as choosing the best razor. Blades are also an important part of your grooming kit. As i mentioned, they are an integral part of your grooming kit.

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