Best Beard Brush for Men In 2020

Best Beard Brush For Men

Best Beard Brush for Men 

Men love a thick and attractive beard because it signifies style. A beard plays an important part in the overall style statement of a man.  

You can maintain the best-looking beard only if you own some top-quality grooming products. 

One such essential product is a beard brush. 

Owning the best beard brush for men will help you to maintain a pleasant and healthy beard. 

There are many factors and features to look for before choosing the correct beard brush. Different products suit different types of beards.

The most important of them is recognizing the type of facial hair. From a short and thin beard to a thick one, your beard brush must suit all kinds. 

Different brushes have different uses, and this article will help you to choose the perfect one for yourself.

Before Buying A Beard Brush

Here are some important features of a beard brush that you must know before you buy one for yourself. 

I have listed different parts of a beard brush below with all the required information that will help you to figure out the top-quality products.  

The Bristles 

Beard brushes are just a modern and efficient version of a shaving brush. They come in different types of materials. Mostly they are made from different fibre types. 

These fibres are the top surface of a brush and they are made using different materials listed below. 

Checking and choosing the bristles must be the first step you take when buying a beard brush for yourself. 

Here is a list of different types of bristles. 

Boar’s Hair

The most used bristle of a beard brush built from boar’s hair. It is easily accessible and has many features. 

The best part is that your beard oil or wax stays on the bristle and your beard retains it for as long as you want. 

Boar’s hair has a natural ability to soak up your beard product and evenly distribute it over your beard.

Every stroke with a boar’s hair brush will ensure that your skin is soft, and the wax or oil is spread evenly over your beard. 

Your beard will feel healthy and smooth. These types of bristles in your brush will also help to reduce any chance of dandruff.


The Beard Brush with a Horsehair bristle was initially one of the very first brushes used for beards. Believe it or not, they were prevalent in the 1900s. 

Even though the horsehair bristles were traditional beard brushes, they are still quite popular in recent times.

Just like boar’s hair, horsehair bristles are also made naturally without the addition of synthetic fibres. It is all-natural and is very useful to groom your beard. 

Your beard will feel much softer, and this type of brush will help to distribute the wax or oil you are using on your beard evenly.

The tips and stems of horsehair brushes are not very scaly or hair. You can easily use it for thin or short beards. Horsehair bristles are soft and comfortable for your beard.

Synthetic Bristles

As the name suggests, beard brushes with synthetic bristles are industrially made bristles using synthetic raw material. 

They are made from plants or plastic according to their different types. However, they are eco-friendly and not made by harming animals. 

Many men do not prefer synthetic bristles as it can be hard to keep your beard smooth after using them. They might not perform like the above mentioned naturally made bristles. 

However, they are quite cheap and can be perfect if you are looking for a use-and-throw brush temporarily. You can also use them if you are looking to travel for a few days.

Bristle Cut

After you choose the type of bristle you want for your beard brush, the second thing you must look for is the bristle cut. From boars’ hair to synthetic bristles, a vital thing to take care of is the cut of your bristles.

A beard brush with equal length bristles may not be as successful as you might think. 

The Bristle Cut is essential because when you brush your beard, the bristles of your brush touch your skin. If every single bristle is the same, the brush will not be able to reach certain places.

Thus, it is crucial that bristles must have different lengths so that oils can reach different spots. Bristle cuts also help to create different beard styles. 

Another necessary feature is that the cuts on your bristles will help you to clean out your beard in a much better way. Your brush will perform better and for the long term.

The Handle 

Another essential feature of a beard brush, just like the bristles is the handle. The material used to make the handle must be reliable. Many brushes do not have a handle. 

Many brushes come with a flat surface where all the bristles are connected. That is why the material and the shape of your beard handle matters a lot.

Brush Handle Material Of The Best Beard Brush

The most common materials used to make beard brush handles are wood or plastic. Both have their pros and cons. Mostly; men choose according to their preferences. 

You may also look out for other grooming essentials in your kit and match your beard brush with your kit. 

A wooden beard brush handle gives you an excellent traditional vibe. Barbers and professionals prefer wooden handles as not only do they look good, they have much better quality. 

Plastic handles are quickly built and much cheaper to purchase. Plastic handles are also non-porous.

Brush Handle Shape

Like the material of your handle, its shape is also something you should consider before purchasing one for yourself. A handle will help you to provide much better control while brushing. Different size brushes have different grips.

You can choose a big handle if you want to keep your brush in your cabinet. If you’re going to travel, you can go for a round handle. 

From small to big, the shape of your handle will help you to provide a much better experience.

There are three different shapes of a beard brush:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Straight Handle

The Price Of The Best Beard Brush

Choosing and selecting the price range of your beard brush might not feel important, but it certainly is. Whenever you are looking to buy a beard brush, always research thoroughly. 

The price range varies according to the features and performance of a brush.

Brushes that fall under the usual prices may have poor quality. The bristles and fibres of these brushes may fall out after the very first use. If you use them daily, they might not last a month.

You may also notice that overpriced beard brushes can be a waste of money you may find no extra benefits when compared to others. Many top-quality brands may have the same features as a standard high-performance brush.

The Importance Of Brushing Your Beard Daily

When your beard grows out, it needs regular maintenance. The skin underneath your beard also needs proper care. 

The skin on our face must always stay hydrated because it produces oil and lipids naturally. This natural process takes place to keep the skin hydrated by preventing water loss.

For example, an oil called Sebum is produced by the skin on our face which is a light yellow oily substance. The Sebaceous Glands produce oils that help to keep the surface of our skin moisturized. 

These oils will help to keep your skin fresh and facial hair keeps on growing. Sebum contains different ingredients like cholesterol, waxes, fatty acids etc.

When you brush your beard, these oils are produced regularly, and the top layer of skin also replaces itself. This is the reason why brushing your beard regularly is very important. 

Beards not only make you look nice but also help to exfoliate your skin underneath. 

Here are a few points to explain why it is necessary to brush your beard on a regular basis.

  •  When you brush your beard, you may feel a little harsh at first. If you have normal skin, you might get used to brushing early.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you must learn to brush daily and love the routine.
  • As soon as you start to brush, the oil production on your face will start to activate. It will soften your beard and make it healthy.
  •  When you brush at least once or twice a day, your skin and beard will be clean.
  • You will feel healthy and will not your beard will not be affected by any type of pollutants that can attach to your beard.
  • Daily brushing will also help to grow your beard and make it stylish. It will grow in a uniform and better way.
  • Growth of Ingrown hair, curly and unwanted hair will also stop if you brush daily. 

How to use a Beard Brush

You might think that there is no technique when it comes to brushing your beard. However, you must know how to make your beard better and get the top results. 

Before you start cleaning, always make sure that you have high-quality products and essentials in your grooming kit. 

Here are some easy to follow steps to brush your beard correctly:

  • Before you start to brush, always make sure that your beard is not wet.
  • If you have just washed your beard, make sure that you dry it thoroughly with a towel.
  • When starting to brush, start on the top layer. Take out all global pollutants and invisible dust particles by slowly brushing continuously.
  • Even if you do not go out a lot, debris can gather on your beard. Always start brushing in a single motion and perform the first brushing.
  • Now, take a small amount of wax or oil that you use for your beard. Spread over facial hair as widely as you can.
  • After applying it, brush a little at the top and then start cleaning from the bottom. Simply, touch your skin and brush your beard.
  • Cover all corners so that your oil or wax is evenly spread. You may then use a brush to style your beard and give it a shape. Choose top quality beard brushes.

The Best Beard Brush For Men in 2020

Kent Beard Brush BRD5

One of the best beard brushes for men, The Kent beard brush is designed just like a traditional hairbrush. Its wooden handle makes it very efficient to use. 

It also helps to ensure comfort and prevents cramping. Kent has given this brush a perfect shape which makes it perfect for grooming.

Kent Brush is also perfect for moustaches. From a dense and heavy beard to thin and short, Kent is ideal for all types of beards. The bristles are soft, which helps to tackle all types of beards.

It comes in two different models, the BRD2 and the BRD5.

The BRD2 is much more comprehensive and has a round shape which makes it compact. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around. 

The BRD5 is the top-selling brush with a straight handle. It is much longer and thinner.

The bristles of both these models of Kent Brushes are made using natural boar’s hair. These natural bristles make it easy for you to handle a heavy or big beard. 

The Kent Brush also has different storage options. You get a handmade cotton bag with a unique design to store it or carry it around.

Features Of This Best Beard Brush


  • Extra soft Nylon bristles
  • Oval straight handle
  • Perfect grip
  • Suits all types of beards
  • Great for Dry and wet beards.
  • Engraved design on the handle.


  • Doesn’t work well on mustaches

GrowABeard Beard Brush and Comb Set

This perfect pocket-sized brush from GrowABeard comes with a comb set. It is also one of the beard brushes in the market right now. It is attractive and durable. 

Its size and efficiency will help you to deal with all types of beards.The handle is made from top-quality wood, and the bristles are boar’s hair. 

This is the reason why this small brush can remove all types of pollutants from your beard. It covers every single corner and helps to distribute beard wax or oil evenly.  

Your beard will feel smooth and healthy after a few days of brushing. This brush will not give you any rashes on your skin underneath.


  • Bamboo brush
  • Removes dirt and dandruff
  • Soft and smooth bristles
  • Extra grooming comb
  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable


  • Edges are a little rough
  • Extra soft bristles may fall out if used daily and heavily.

Tombstone Beard Brush

A top-quality wooden beard brush with soft bristles. The handle of the brush is made to fit perfectly and provides the best grip. 

This brush is also very light on the skin and offers maximum comfort. You will never feel any harshness on your skin. 

The pores of your facial hair will feel refreshed, and your blood flow will stimulate. It is a perfect grooming option and the best way to cure all beard related problems.

Start on from the corner of your beard and gently start brushing down for a smooth beard. The skincare industry makes tombstone brushes. 

They make sure that all the best materials are used when creating this brush.

This brush works on your beard and reaches every corner. The smooth bristles will refresh your skin, and your beard will feel more seamless than ever. 

It is a top-quality beard care product. Here are some features this best beard brush:


  • Soft synthetic bristles
  • Create the best style
  • Great handle design
  • Cruelty free
  • Fragrance free
  • Environment friendly


  • Many men do not prefer synthetic fibers
  • Soft bristles might not be suitable for dense and heavy beards

Plemo Beard Brush for Men

The Plemo Beard brush for men is a boar’s bristle brush which is perfect for styling all types of beards. You can use it over your dry or wet beard anytime you want. 

Let’s find out why this beard brush is known for styling and maintaining a healthy beard.

This brush is oval-shaped and perfect for short beards. This does not mean that it is no good for larger beards. 

Its thick bristles and beautiful shape makes it suitable for thick beards as well. Your skin will feel refreshed, and the pores of your facial hair will be stimulated. 

Even though the bristles are not very soft, they do not irritate or damage the skin underneath.

The Plemo Beard Brush will also help you to save a lot of time when searching for an efficient brush. This product is perfect if you are looking for a small and compact beard brush. 

It grabs the beard oil and helps to distribute on any area of your beard you want to comb. Here are some of its great features:


  • Natural boar hair bristles
  • Achieve a smooth beard
  • Suitable for all beards
  • Perfect mustaches
  • Round and oval design
  • Attractive storage case


  • Extra soft bristles may fall out if you used rashly

Peter’s Beard Brush for Men

Another great round beard brush for men. Peter’s beard brush brand is known for its wooden beard brushes. 

It is one of the best grooming tools which is perfect for all types of styling and conditioning of your beard.

From beard oils to wax, your beard product will be able to reach every corner of your face using this brush. 

The bristles will not irritate the skin underneath your beard. You will have a much healthy beard, and it will feel outstanding.

It will feel amazing, and its high-quality production will make all types of problems go away. Its bristles will help to exfoliate your skin and remove all kinds of dead skin. 

It also stimulates the pores of your facial hair and the overall blood flow on your face.

This beard brush will make your beard much softer and your skin less itchy. All the tangled hair and unwanted dandruff will disappear in a matter of days. 

Style and groom your beard just like you want without any compromises.

The best thing is that this product also comes with a 2-year warranty. Thus, it is efficient and durable at the same time. 


  • Natural boar’s hair bristles
  • Easily straightens beard
  • Top-quality finishing
  • Spreads oils or waxes to every corner
  • Great packaging and storage compartment.


  • Not suitable for coarse or long beards
  • Many men may find that the bristles are not very firm

Kingston Grooming Beard Brush

The Kingston Grooming Co. presents one of the finest wooden beard brushes in the market. Kingston is a complete beard brush that will complete all your needs.

Its boar hair bristles, and a great design makes it one of the best.

Treat your beard with the best professional quality brush. The bristles are not very soft and not very hard. These medium-stiff bristles are perfect for all types of beards. 

They reach every corner of your beard without irritating your skin underneath. Your beard wax, oils or balms will spread evenly with the help of its fantastic beard brush.

It will also keep your beard healthy and help you protect it from any further damage. This brush will be the perfect companion for your beard. 



  • Premium quality bristles
  • Great overall design
  • Unique curve
  • Perfect size for efficiency
  • Handle grip fits perfectly
  • Smoother beard
  • Beautiful travel box


  • The bristles are a bit stiff for men who like soft brushes for short or thin beards

Seven Potions Beard Brush

The reason this is the best beard brush for men is because of its premium quality. 

The excellent quality bristles and wooden handle helps to cater to all your grooming needs. The bristles are made from top-quality boar’s quality.

These bristles have the perfect stiffness to work on all types of beards. Even the shape of this brush is made to fit your grip. 

This brush will make your beard soft and smooth as the beard oil or wax you will use will reach every single facial hair. Even if you have a dense or curly beard, this brush will be able to work in the finest ways.

Therefore, Seven Potions Beard Brush will be able to tame and style your beard according to your requirement.

It is a small and compact brush which works very efficiently. It will be your last beard brush as you will be able to effortlessly brush through any type of facial hair.

From thick and dense beards to short moustaches, the fine boar’s hair bristles on the wooden handle of this brush makes it the best for your facial hair. 

All the general pollutants that can attach to your beard will vanish within a few minutes.

Once you apply wax or oil on your beard, many brushes are unable to give the desired results. Seven Potions brush will never waste any product and help it to reach all corners. 

Here are some of the features of this all-natural brush:


  • Finely cut bristles
  • Complete wooden handle
  • Perfect bristle density
  • Suits every type of beard
  • Easily removes dandruff and pollutants


  • Smaller than usual
  • The bristles have medium stiffness

ZilberHaar Handle Beard Brush

This boar’s hair beard brush by ZilberHaar is an all-natural brush made with premium quality materials. 

The handle is pure pearwood, and the bristles are made from natural hog hair. This is the reason why ZilberHaar brush exfoliates your skin underneath and makes your facial hair healthy. 

It will make your beard smooth and moisturized. It will help to tame and style your beard just like you want.  

Simply take some beard oil or wax, place it on your beard and start brushing. The handle has a unique structure that will help you to style any beard texture. 

The bristles and the structure of this brush will help to spread out the oil evenly through your beard. 


  • Soft brush
  • Easy to carry around
  • Reliable wooden handle
  • Stiff bristles
  • Increases shine and health of beard
  • Beautiful box-like compartment.


  • Stiff bristles may not work well on sensitive skin

Fendrihan Beard Brush

A great brush with boar’s hair bristles and genuine pear wood handle. Fendrihan beard brush has a real and beautiful design. The bristles are medium-stiff and perfect for all types of beards. It is a military beard brush with some of the best features.

This Germany-made beard brush has a classic military design which will help you to massage and take care of your beard. Daily brushing with this brush will help to stimulate the growth of your facial hair and clean out the pores on your face.


  • Inspired by the original military brushes that were made in the 1700s, this brush has a classic look with some of the best modern features.
  • The bristles and handle are made from top-quality materials and the stylish handle provides an excellent grip. This is why it is the perfect gift for your loved one.
  • There are a total of 10 different rows of best quality bristles that are 11cm long. Your scalp will be conditioned, and all the natural oils will spread evenly across your facial hair.
  •  Fendrihan Beard brush is perfect for thick, thin and almost every other type of facial hair.


  • This brush is not very soft and has stiff bristles 

ZilberHaar Oval Beard Brush

This is a Soft Pocket beard brush with high-quality design and features. It is perfectly designed to fulfill all your grooming needs. Its firm boar bristles and great structure makes it perfect for every type of beard. It is a compact brush, which is ideal if you are traveling. It fits in your grip easily and works very efficiently.

Made with high-quality German products, this beard brush is reliable and dependable. It is not very aggressive on your beard and neither too soft. It has the perfect balance you are looking for in a brush.

This brush is just over 3 inches long and has more than 50 bristles attached. It is made from high-quality pearwood with second cut bristles with an average length of 0.5 inches. All you need to do is brush your beard regularly after a shower.

These bristles will feel very soft on your skin and provide you a fantastic experience. Here are some of its features:


  • The genuine boar bristles ensure a clean and healthy beard. Every bristle has the correct stiffness that helps to reach every corner of your beard effectively. The oils and wax are perfectly distributed all over your face.
  • The handle has the perfect design and is made from pearwood. Pearwood is reliable and easy to grip.
  • Enjoy an excellent massage that will help to strengthen your facial hair and exfoliate the pores on your face. The blood flow will stimulate, and your beard will feel nourished without any irritation on the skin underneath.
  • This pocket-size oval beard brush guarantees the best results. It is easy to handle and carry around. Its small size is also great for brushing in your office or car.


  • It is an oval beard brush which can be small for some men. 


Finding the Best Beard Brush for men might look like an easy task, but it is not. There are many different comparisons and aspects you need to consider before deciding a winner brush that will suit you. I hope the above-listed resources will make your decision much more manageable. 

I feel confident about the products and the general information mentioned in this article. Also, make sure that you keep your beard brush clean and remove all the broken hair on the brush’s bristles. The lists in this article are compiled through personal experiences, best comparisons, and top reviews. I am sure that any product you choose from above will help you to achieve a much fuller and stylish look.  


Why do we use boar bristle brush on a beard?

As we mentioned above, bristles of a beard brush are very important as they determine the quality and lifespan of your beard brush. Bristles that are made from boar’s hair are much stiffer as compared to other types. 

Due to their stiff texture, boar’s hair bristles can handle all types of heavy and dense beards. Even if your beard is curly, your brush will reach every corner and untangle every inch of your beard. You can use a boar bristle brush to make your beard straighter, stylish, shiny, clean, and conditioned. 

How to comb and brush your beard?

Start off by separating all the hair on your beard by gently stroking it so that you feel relaxed. Your beard will feel like it can breathe properly. In the next step, you should start combing or brushing the top layer of your beard. You can use a comb or a beard brush according to your preference. 

Then you need to go through all the different layers of your beard. Create an upwards motion when you brush or comb your beard. Keep brushing upwards for a while and then start brushing downwards to give your beard its natural shape. Follow this simple process continuously to gain a much healthier beard.

What are beard brushes made of?

There are many different types of beard brushes that you can find according to your preference. A top-quality beard brush contains bristles at the top and a handle at the bottom. 

The Bristles are commonly made from animal hair, which is boar and horse. You can also find different brushes that use synthetic fibers. The bottom part of a brush is the handle, which is generally made from wood or plastic.

When should I start brushing my beard?

There are different times to decide when to start using a brush for your beard because different men have different beard growth patterns. Many men can grow a long beard within a week or two, according to the rate of beard growth. 

Generally, you should start brushing after 4 to 5 weeks as it will outgrow. It is because after such a long time, your beard will begin to tangle, and it might cause itchiness if you do not brush. Brushing once or twice will help to straighten your beard, and it will become healthy.

Why are boar bristle brushes better?

The texture of boar bristles is stiff, and these bristles do not bend or get damaged when used rigidly. You might notice bristles falling off or breaking if you brush daily. 

Boar bristles are better as compared to synthetic bristles because they are very gentle, and they do not irritate your skin underneath even though they are stiff. They are also able to reach every corner of your beard and provide perfect grooming.

Are beard combs worth it?

Beard combs can be good and bad for your beard, as it totally depends upon you. If you choose the right material and the correct type of beard comb for yourself, then I can guarantee that they are worth it. 

Beard combs can be metallic or wooden. Metallic ones have rough edges, which can be harmful. The wooden hair comb is worth it because they are much easier to use, they have a handy shape, and they are excellent for grooming.

Zilberhaar Beard Brush Vs Seven Potions Beard Brush. Which one is better?

Zilberhaar is a wooden brush made from top-quality boars’ hair. It has an affordable price, and its natural fibers provide perfect conditioning. Your wax or oil will be evenly distributed across your beard, and it is ideal for all types of beards.
Seven Potions Beard Brush is also made from pearwood, and it is oval-shaped. Just like Zilberhaar, it has boars’ hair bristles. They even become softer over time.
Both of these brushes are quality products with similar qualities. Go for Seven Potions if you need a smaller and easy to carry. Get Zilberhaar if you need a traditional wooden brush for your grooming kit or cabinet.

Which beard brush is best for shorter beards?

Many men think that only the brushes that are smaller in size are suitable for shorter beards. It is not true as there are many other qualities that you must look for if you want a brush for your short beard. 

For a shorter beard, you must choose a brush with soft bristles. The overall length of bristles must not be the same, and the brush must be handy so that you can work your way through a short beard efficiently. Zilberhaar, Peter’s Beard Brush, Can You Handlebar Beard Brush, and Seven Potions Beard Brush are best for short beards.

Which beard brush is best for longer beards?

A long beard can be dense and heavy according to its texture. Such beards can also get tangled, and the hair can become curly. The bottom strands of long beards are generally curled and tangled, which can be hard to straighten. 

To handle long beards, you must choose a good quality brush which can help you to tame it and make it grow downwards. Seven Potions, Scotch Porter, Zilberhaar, Grave Before Shave Beard Brush, and Cremo Beard Brush are best for long beards.

Can you use a beard brush on your head?

We use brushes on all types of hair, but you cannot use a bread brush to brush the hair on your bead. It is because beard brushes are made using different materials, keeping a beard in mind.
The bristles of a beard brush and a head brush have different compositions. Also, head brushes are usually made of plastic. A hairbrush for your head, if used on a beard, will provide less and will be unable to straighten your beard. On the other hand, a beard brush will damage the hair on your head and irritate.

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